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How to Get Rid of Jaundice

Jaundice is a disease that causes your skin and the whites of your eyes to turn a yellowish color. The color comes from the high levels of bilirubin in your fluids. Jaundice is caused by loss of function in the bile, pancreatic cancer, alcoholic liver disease and acute hepatitis. Jaundice is extremely common in alcoholics, due to the harmful effects that alcohol provides the liver.

There are a variety of treatments for jaundice that you can try within your own home. Home remedies are a great route to take with jaundice, as it is cheap and easy to access. Some treatments may not work at all, as others will provide you with a quick relief. It is up to you and your body to decide what treatment is the most suitable and effective for your jaundice.[sniplet AdSense Skyscraper]

Curing Jaundice With Radish Leaves

Radishes are one of many effective home remedies for the cure of Jaundice. To start the process, crush up radish leaves into a cotton cloth material, and squeeze the cloth to release the radish leaf juice. An individual with Jaundice should consume up to a half of a liter of the radish juice a day. The juice increases your appetite and gives you normal bowel movements. To make sure that this form of treatment will be effective, it is important to drink the radish leaf juice for at least one week.

How to Cure Jaundice With Bitter Luffa

An excellent home remedy for the cure of Jaundice is the juice extracted from bitter luffa. Bitter luffa should be mashed finely into a cotton cloth, and then squeezed intensely to extract all the juices. After the juice is prepared, it should be placed in the palm of your hand and gently sniffed into your nostrils. Since bitter luffa is very strong it can cause side effects such as headaches and an outflow of yellowish colored toxins. For weak individuals with Jaundice, bitter luffa can also cause a fever outbreak.

Tomato Juice and Jaundice

The most well known home remedy and treatment for jaundice is tomato juice. The process is extremely simple. Simply drink a glass of tomato juice when you first wake up, and the juice will provide you with quick relief. If you are looking for total long term relief of jaundice, it is critical to make it a routine habit to drink tomato juice everyday at the same time.

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