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How to Get Rid of Jet Lag

commercial airplaneAs an experienced traveler to many destinations, including several over-the-ocean adventures, I have discovered jet lag is a common problem. And it’s not always the easiest to overcome. For many travelers, jet lag can be the end of their traveling career or the disappointing struggle of their entire trip. For others, jet lag is a serious problem upon their return, only adding to the let-down of having to come home after all.

Jet Lag Symptoms

Though at first, jet lag may seem like a nice bragging right to be a traveler, you will soon discover that those headaches, exhaustion, stomach problems, aches, and pains are no fun at all. You’ll be literally crying, trying to find some way to just make it all go away. Getting rid of jet lag may be no easier than the problem itself, but there are remedies which certainly do help.

A lot of jet lag symptoms are simply because of cabin conditions in the airplane. When you fly, you may discover that regardless of changing time zones, you walk away feeling dizzy, nauseous, or having headaches or eye problems. Drinking a lot of water is one of the most important aspects of proper air travel as well as a jet-lag buster. You don’t want to get off the plane and be dehydrated!

Stretching to Prevent Stiff and Sore Muscles

To conquer those muscle and joint pains which frequently accompany jet leg especially after those long eight-hours-over-the-ocean flights, consider actually following the in-air exercises often shown on the plane. Move and stretch your neck, arms, back, and legs as much as possible, forcing your muscles and body to keep working. Getting up and walking around every now and again is also a very important thing to do to keep the blood flowing.

Spend Time Outside

To adjust yourself to new time zones, try to spend time outside. Curling up on the couch with a good book the minute you arrive will leave you only more groggy and your body more confused. If you attempt to convince yourself that there has been no serious time change and life goes on, your body will do better at adjusting to the jet lag. Though it takes some discipline, you can overcome a good portion of jet lag in this way, if you just keep moving!

Gradually Adjust

If you are careful to gradually adjust your body to the time change and stick to the new schedule, you should do very well even with jet lag. Most of all, it’s important to remember that your body will need time to readjust, so don’t over-do it, and be wise to what your body is saying. And sometimes, that may mean you just need to sleep!

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