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How to Get Rid of Jigger Bites

Consider this jigger bite scenario: You go outside at night and when you come back in the house after some few hours you have about over thirty bites all over your uncovered legs and they are itching. You cannot sleep the night and you have no idea what to do. A bad case of jigger, chigger or harvest mite. Whatever the name, all you want to know is how to get rid of jigger bites fast.

To know if you have jiggers check if the bites are concentrated on certain regions of the body. Common ares include waistband, pits, groin, behind the knees and lower legs.

Home Remedies for Jigger Bites

First of all wash the area around the bite with warm almost hot soapy water as soon as you start itching or put some ice on it to cool the area and help stop the itching.

In addition you can use some home made natural remedies to get rid of jigger bites. If you happen to do some baking then make a paste of baking soda and water and apply onto the bites. Smear it on and let it dry. After the topical soda treatment take a soothing oat meal bath while using a piece of towel to scrub the area. Then apply a generous amount of aloe Vera gel. This will help sooth the place provide healing and get rid of any remaining jiggers.

Alternatively if you have tea tree or peppermint essential oils you can apply it on the affected area together with the baking soda paste. After the bath you can also use some diluted apple cider vinegar on the affected area.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Remedies

Apply ammonia to help stop the itching. Use a clear stick deodorant directly on the bugs and this will reduce the itching too.

Since desperate times calls for desperate measures. When attacked apply a coating of clear nail polish immediately. If you do not like make up then try using the common Elmer glue or even use a clear wrapping tape.

If you are near a drug store in the US then run in and grab Chiggerex or chigger rid. Other remedies to use are Nix(used for head lice) and Listerine mouth wash.

And if you think you know it all. Some people just take a hair dryer and hold it a few inches from the bite. Turn it on, hold it until the heat is uncomfortable. This is also another way to get rid of jigger bites.

Who knew that you can itch so bad to want run to the emergency room. Well jiggers, chiggers or harvest mites are some microscopic arachnids that cause itching that will never let you forget their visit.

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