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How to Get Rid of Lantana

And no, we’re not talking about getting rid of the small town of Lantana in Palm Beach county, Florida, but the often unwanted Lantana plant that can show up in your back or front yard without your permission.

Although there seems to be some debate about whether you want to grow Lantana or kill it, as seeds are available for this flowering plant through many websites, because this site is focused on ridding ourselves of things, let’s direct our attention on three ways to initiate the demise of this often noxious weed.
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Now depending on how much lantana you have growing on your property, your first choice may very well be to use a spray such as glyphosate. Be sure to follow the directions on the label and please note that once the initial kill is made, you may discover re-growth, especially among mature plants. So before you proudly jump and down and call yourself Lantana-free, make sure to do additional applications, particularly on and around any stumps.

A second, albeit trickier method for the annihilation of lantana is to burn it off the land. This choice works well, but often leaves living roots under the surface so you will need to attend to them if you do not want re-growth. This method also usually involves the acquisition of permits, and some advance notice to your good neighbors, and because that little nuisance called fire always seems to enjoy taking down fine homes in flames, you might want to prepare yourself in advance for explaining to your spouse why ridding the land of a cute flowering plant has left the house in a pile of glowing embers. In other words, please have the necessary skills and tools to use fire when fighting Lantana.

A third method to get rid of Lantana is to cut the plants down. Like method number two, this one is quick but certainly creates less smoke. The plants can be slashed or mowed down and then any remaining roots and stumps can be treated with glyphosate to finish the job. Better yet, a backhoe or tiller can be used to completely rip the Lantana out of the ground where it can be piled and removed or even burned at the risk of once again angering your significant other.

If these three methods fail in affording you a Lantana free existence and you are desperate with no place left to turn, just beware that although eating its sometimes poisonous leaves might make you forget about Lantana and its pretty summertime flowers, it will certainly offer you a host of new worries.

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