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How to Get Rid of Leaves

pile of leavesHowever daunting it may seem, getting rid of the leaves in your backyard is not very difficult. If you are willing to complete the job, you can finish the work in less than half a day depending on the size of your backyard. And besides, a little exercise will do you a lot of good, wouldn’t it? Below are some effective ways to get rid of the leaves that fill your backyard.

Buy and use a rake

If you have a rake, that’s all well and good; if you don’t, head on down to your local hardware store and purchase one. It will last for years and I can guarantee you’ll need it again! An old-fashioned rake would do as long as it serves the purpose. Use it to gather all the leaves and pile them in one place. However when you purchase a new rake, make sure you are comfortable using it as there is no use of you doing work if your needs are not met. You may have a back problem or some other defect that can be compounded if your rake is not ergonomically designed.

Also, make sure you buy a rake that has steel fingers because they are more durable and long lasting even though they may be more expensive than the bamboo ones. In case, money is an issue, try to buy a plastic finger rake as that will also be effective.

Make someone else do it for you and pay them

If you are too lazy or too weak, hire somebody to do the work for you. The best employees would be the kids that live in your neighborhood. They will be doing you a favor and you will be returning that favor by paying them for their services. You could teach the kids responsibility and diligence in the process. There shouldn’t be any difficulty getting kids to do the work for you because most of them would love to earn some pocket money for small jobs like this.

There are also several companies that offer to do the work for you. They will be highly efficient and organized but the only downside to this is that they will be more expensive than employing kids from the neighborhood.


After using a rake and gathering all the leaves in one pile, you can get rid of these leaves by making a compost pile. You could also add other organic material like vegetable waste, etc. The best thing about a compost pile is that it is used as a fertilizer. Your garden plants would love some compost and you can happily provide some to them by making a compost pile.

When composting, try to shred or cut the leaves into smaller pieces as it will make the process of composting easier. Undeniably, the best method to get rid of your leaves is to compost them. You can save a lot of money on fertilizer and also be eco-friendly in the process by composting.


Burning your leaves that you gathered is also an effective way to get rid of your leaf menace. Some states though have a ban or burning. Make sure you are aware of any ban and only then proceed with burning leaves. This may not seem a very subtle move as this can not only cause air pollution, but it can also affect the health of people in your locality. How much ever you can, try and use the leaves to make compost and leave burning them only as a last resort.

Follow all of these steps diligently and you’ll be able to get rid of your leaves in no time!

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