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How to Get Rid of Leg Hair

Leg hair is natural and a pain. Especially if it grows in excess! And I’m not just talking about women here. There are men who don’t fancy looking like grizzly bears either. There is more than one way to get rid of leg hair, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a look at the ways in which you can get rid of that leg hair for good!


The quick fix that you can do even a half hour before a big event is shaving. It’s easy, painless and inexpensive. And takes very little time! Remember to get good quality razors, though. Safety razors are preferable to electric shavers, in the case of leg hair removal. The only problem with this method is, if you’ve got another event in the next 5 days, it is highly likely that your leg hair will be back to some extent. Shaving is very temporary, and only lasts for around 3-4 days. For a smooth shave, only use new blades. Blunt blades will not shave the hair satisfactorily, and may also cause irritation. Use shaving gel or cream, which will retain the moisture and not dry your skin like soap does. Remember to never shave on dry or sunburned skin. Don’t share razors with men, or anybody else! Also do not shave right before your exfoliation treatment, even though you might be tempted to!

Shaving has its series of problems as well that may occur if you don’t take proper care. Sometimes you will discover red bumps once you are done shaving. These occur when the oil glands attached to the nerve endings become irritated while shaving. To prevent this, apply some antiseptic cream on your legs after shaving. You can also try this at home: dissolve two anti-inflammatory aspirins and 1-2 glycerin drops into ¼ cup of distilled water, and apply this mixture on your legs after you finish shaving. Razor burn is another common problem that occurs when you press your razor too hard while shaving. For the best shave, always use light movements.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are another painless and easy method for leg hair removal. After you apply them, they remove the hair just below the skin’s surface with the help of certain chemicals contained in them. This is also the reason why people with sensitive skin should stay away from depilatory creams, since their skin will react adversely to the chemicals in it. So, before you use such creams, you can test it to see if your skin will respond well to it or not, by applying a small portion of the cream on your skin. If there doesn’t seem to be an adverse reaction, go ahead and use it!


The big advantage of waxing your leg hair is that it takes at least two months to grow back! Unlike razing, waxing removes the hair from well below the skin surface, and this results in the hair that grows back to be finer rather than coarser. This method is well worth the pain, since the rewards are many! If waxing leaves behind red marks, moisturizing and caring for your skin will get rid of them.

Laser Hair Removal

Finally, a method that gets rid of your unwanted hair permanently, and not just for a few days or months! Like all methods, this one has its disadvantages. For starters, it is expensive! And it has not actually been proved that it really is permanent, although the hair that grows back is much lighter. Since lasers remove hair due to their attraction to dark colors, this is also not a recommended method for dark-skinned people. It may leave your flawless dark skin burnt.


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  2. For people who have excess of leg hair, there is the option of razors and depilatory creams. You can use a waxing kit for instant removal of leg hair.

  3. The Never Shave Again product does NOT work at all. And I returned it for my money back but they never returned my money. I bleieve the product is a fake. I know it defianly does not work at all.

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