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How to Get Rid of Lint

Lint on clothing gives clothes an old and worn out appearance, and it can be difficult to remove. But the following methods have been used effectively to get rid of lint:

Lint Shaver

A lint shaver is a good option. They operate on batteries and are not expensive. Plus they are easy to use and readily available. Just move the shaver gently over the garment and the lint will be removed. Also the lint is conveniently trapped inside of a cup which makes for easy cleanup.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is another handy way to get rid of lint on clothing. This method is especially effective if the clothing is not overly linty. The best way to pick up the link using masking tape is to roll the making tape around one hand ending with the sticky side up and then pick up the lint by pressing the tape on the clothing and lifting up the tape. This is an inexpensive way to remove lint and it is simple to do. Another way to use making tape is to press strips of tape on the clothing and then lift to remove the lint.
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Lint Roller

A lint roller can also be use to get rid of lint. Lint rollers are easy to use. Roll the lint roller forwards and backwards over the garment until the lint disappears. Some lint rollers are scented which freshens clothing as it removes lint. When the roller becomes full of lint remove the adhesive sheet and add another. Most rollers come with at least 50 sheets.

Single Edged Razor

A single edged razor is another way to remove lint. But it has to be done carefully and correctly or it could damage the clothing. The razor must be placed on an angle and glided lightly over clothing to avoid cutting through the clothes. This works very well, but it can take a lot of time to complete.

Pumice Stone

Pumice stones are also a great way to get rid of lint on clothing. Just roll the stone over the clothing and be sure not to press down too hard because this could tear through the clothes. They are not expensive to buy and quite easy to use. Sandpaper can also be used in place of a pumice stone. Just rub it gently over clothing to remove the lint. A soft grain should be used to avoid scratching or tearing the clothing.

Lint on clothing is unsightly and replacing clothes can be expensive but these are inexpensive and sure ways to get rid of lint on clothing.

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