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How to Get Rid of Mesquite Trees, Bushes and Shrubs

mesquite treeWhile many people enjoy mesquite flavored barbecue, few people enjoy dealing with these plants on their property. The roots of the mesquite tree or shrub can grow to forty-five feet in length. These long roots can damage foundations, and interfere with water, sewage and utility lines. The mesquite trees, or shrubs, thrive in dry, arid climates. The mesquite is a very hardy species, which makes it that much more of a challenge to rid your property of the plant. There are, however, a few things you can try to get rid of mesquite trees, or shrubs.

Get to the root of the problem to get rid of it

Mesquite, thanks to it’s hardy disposition, will grow back if you leave the root system intact. If you rent a bulldozer with a root plow, you can cut the mesquite roots just under the surface. While this will not prevent the mesquite from growing back entirely, it will delay the regrowth for a few years.

If the plant is not fully mature, and the roots do not extend to deeply within the ground, you may be able to dig them out of the ground. It’s recommended that you wait until after a rain storm if you intend to dig the roots of the mesquite tree or shrub out by hand.

Spike it to kill it

Cut the mesquite tree or shrub down, leaving only the stump. Other hardy bushes and trees can be killed by driving a large copper spike into the middle of the stump. This method has inconsistent results, but it is a less labor intensive method than digging the root system out by hand, and it is also more cost effective than renting a bulldozer. This may be the method you want to choose for to get rid of mesquite on your property.

Spray and pray may be the key to destroy it

If the chemical approach does not concern you, some gardening experts recommend concocting a mix of herbicide and diesel fuel. They then instruct you to spray the unwanted mesquite trees, or shrubs, with this mixture. The chemicals in the mixture are supposed to, essentially, suffocate the mesquite tree or shrub.

Sewer treatment may unclog more than septic systems

Another chemical solution may be to use a a copper chloride mixture, much like what they use to get rid of roots that clog sewer lines and septic systems. For this solution, you will want to drill holes into the stump of the mesquite tree or shrub, and also in the ground around the stump. Then pour the copper chloride into holes that you drilled into the mesquite tree or shrub.

It cannot be stressed enough that the mesquite species is a hardy species, prone to survival against all odds. If you are determined to get rid of the mesquite on your property, you should prepare your self for a long battle.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I have read and read till my eyeballs are popping out! I’ve got mesquite trees covering 28 acres of land, and babies by the score. I’m going to take the advice and wait for a rain…whatever that is these days, and then go for it.

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