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How to Get Rid Of Moth Flies

moth flyMoth flies, also known as Drain Flies, are tiny hairy little buggers who may seem to appear overnight in your bathroom or kitchen. Although they do not bite humans they still pose a threat since there favorite habitat is places with moldy stagnant water, usually your bathroom sink or shower drain. They bring some of the bacteria from these places on daily flights around your bathroom or kitchen, leaving them for you to step on, touch or otherwise be affected by. There are several options for getting rid of Moth flies and keeping your house free from their filth.


The quickest approach to stopping an infestation of Moth Flies is purchasing an aerosol spray that contains Hydropene. This stops Moth Flies from being able to grow past the larvae stage of their development, meaning that the Moth Flies already in your house will not be producing more offspring to bother you in the future. These sprays generally go for around twenty dollars and should be applied to areas where you suspect the breeding may be occurring. To remove moth flies you may need to apply these sprays for a few weeks.

Drain Gel

The most common place for Moth Flies to hiding out is in your drains. The bathroom sink and kitchen sink J-Trap drains create a perfect environment for these pests. But you can make sure their favorite hideout becomes an unbearable place for them to lay their eggs by using a Drain Gel. This gel can be applied to the drains weekly and will stop organic materials from building up underneath the sink. These gels go for about twenty dollars as well.

Eliminate Sources of Moisture

If sprays and gels don’t seem to be doing the job, it could be that the flies are coming from another place. Anyplace in your house where there may be standing water needs to be checked. If you suspect you have a leak, steps should be taken to have it fixed. Even a small amount of leaking water makes a great breeding ground for Moth Flies and other pesky insects. A moth fly can survive for a few weeks on nothing but water. Humidifiers and air conditioners may be the source of stagnant water, these should be cleaned regularly.

General Cleanliness

The reason moth flies and any pests decide to hang out in your house is because they’re getting something they need to survive from the location. If you make sure they can’t get food or water, they will go somewhere else. Food should never be left out in the open. Do not leave dirty dishes out or standing water in a sink or bath tub. Add a bleach or chlorine tablet to your toilet water. By cutting off the source of food and water, regularly washing surfaces with bleach to kill bacteria, you can curb the Moth fly’s interest in your home.

Of the many uninvited critters who like to come into our house, the Moth Fly can be handled easily. General cleanliness and a few preventive steps will make sure your bathroom and kitchen is for humans only.

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