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How to Get Rid of Old Gasoline

old gas canWith the price of gasoline these days it’s hard to imagine anyone trying to dispose of gasoline in any way other than through burning it in one type of engine or another. But for those of us with extra gas cans sitting around the garage, figuring out how to get rid of old gasoline can be a real dilemma.

Gasoline is considered hazardous material and therefore its disposal must be handled accordingly. Where my father may have elected to throw his old gasoline into the dry creek bed behind our home, such behavior today could result in heavy fines for illegal disposal. Here are some ideas of safe, legal, ways to get rid of old gasoline.

Use It Up

If the gasoline is still in good condition, it can still be used. If you’re unsure how long gasoline will last in your location contact your local fire department. They are familiar with the local environmental conditions and can give you a good idea of how long gasoline will remain in good condition. If it’s still usable, pour it into an engine which uses the same fuel type. Of course, if you’re not sure of the condition or type of gasoline, it’s probably safer to dispose of it than risk damaging an engine.

Locate Recycling Centers or Hazardous Waste Disposal Centers

These are great sources for getting rid of gasoline and other hazardous materials. There may be a fee for disposal, but it will be fairly reasonable. Contact your local government agency responsible for hazardous materials or contact any recycling center. Even if they don’t handle disposal of gasoline, they will be able to direct you to a location that does.

Watch Your Newspapers

Stay alert for special events or announcements: in a lot of communities these centers offer free or reduced charge disposal several times a year in an effort to encourage responsible disposal of hazardous items. Annual clean up days are great opportunities to rid your garage of lots of otherwise difficult items, usually at nominal cost.

Illegally dumping gasoline can cost you more than any recycling center would ever charge and is not worth the risk, not to mention the effect it has on the planet. So, while getting rid of old gasoline is not as easy as getting rid of household garbage, it is definitely worth the extra effort it takes to dispose of it properly.

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