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How to Get Rid of Old Scars

One of the hardest things to conquer is an old scar. There are many products out and about on the market which claim they can cure old scars, but the fact of the matter is they cannot. The products may be able to help reduce the appearance of an old scar, but they cannot fully eliminate its existence. This is because scars are made of collagen but skin is not, it would be like setting a rock next to a sponge and expecting something to make them exactly the same but it will not. The most we can do is use products which may be able to help slowly remove the collagen and replace it with normal skin cells.

Some ways in which someone can cure, or at least greatly reduce the visibility of old scars are the following:
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Skin Creams

Some skin creams are not good for clearing skins but there are a few creams which work for clearing old skin creams these creams contain specific ingredients which target the collagen these ingredients are alpha hydroxy acid. The acid slowly exfoliates the skin layer by layer slowly reducing the amount of collagen in the scar, reducing and eliminating the scar after long term use.

Scar Sheets

Specific types of scar sheets will also greatly reduce the appearance of old scars after long term use. The type of scar sheet which you should be looking for are silicon based scar sheets. The sheets work by very slowly stripping away layers of skin, making way for new skin to replace the old. For example it can strip collagen layers so your normal skin may replace over top.


If nothing works to get rid of your old scars after long term use with over the counter solutions you should consult a dermatologist and consider possible surgical procedures if you absolutely must have your scars removed. Surgical procedures can be a bit painful after for a decent period of time and although the surgical procedures can eliminate small scars, the surgery may leave small scars in place where large scars once were.

Always remember whether you successfully find a cure for your scars or not, that products such as neosporin will not eliminate old scars. And products which contain vitamin B are actually considered to possibly make scarring more vivid in comparison to the product claims that they reduce the appearance. Always consult a dermatologist before purchasing a product to make sure the claimed outcomes are legitimate.

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