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How to Get Rid of Papules

Papules, as defined by most doctors, are non-pus filled growth that tend to appear on the face and neck and are almost always benign. Simply put? They’re those bumps that you get, mostly around your nose and across your cheeks that aren’t pimples and just won’t seem to go away. They aren’t cancerous and really not too much of a health problem but can be troublesome nonetheless as they are often unsightly and can be difficult to cover up or hide. Below are a few options for the treatment and removal of facial papules.
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Surgical Removal

For some, surgery is an option for the care of papules. Like the removal of moles, the patient will be given a loval, gel or lotion, anesthetic to be applied about an hour before the procedure. The procedure itself will consist of either a shaving down of the skin containing the papules or what is referred to as curettage. Curettage is the removal of skin in a scooping fashion, much like biopsies. The papule and it surrounding skin will simply be “scooped” out of your face and the area will heal over smooth. There surgeries are simple, tend to be outpatient and incredibly quick. Because of how noninvasive the entire thing is recovery time is basically non-existent. In no time your face will be happy and clear again.

CO2 Laser Removal -OR- “Laser Resurfacing”

When surgery may not be an option or if scarring is a major concern, laser resurfacing may be an option. Similar in concept to liposuction, but applied to the outer layer of skin, laser resurfacing removes the unwanted blemishes and leaves the skin smooth and renewed. The process itself consists of the use of a carbon dioxide laser removing the sections of skin containing the papules with heat.


Cauterization is the process of applying heat to an area to stop bleeding or remove damaged skin. As a process for removing papules, it is often an incredibly simple and normally incredibly effective approach. With a cauterizing laser, the papule itself is burned off the skin surrounding it is allowed to heal properly, without the blemish. As an option for papule removal it tends to leave the least scarring and is probably the safest in the long run.

While facial papules are an issue that can be lived with, for those looking to be rid of these pesky blemishes there are a number of simple, straightforward options. Hopefully this article will help you in deciding which is right for you!

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