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How to Get Rid of Parvo

For anyone who has ever owned a puppy the mere mention of the parvovirus, or parvo for short can be terrifying words. Parvo can spring up overnight and take just as quickly. Luckily, there are things can do when your puppy and home contract the parvovirus.

Time is of the essence: Put a little spring into that cleaning

Although time consuming, cleaning up after parvo is a must and can sometimes feel like a losing battle. When parvo is shed simple things like walking through a spot where the affected animal been can spread parvo unknowingly with every step. Your first line of defense is making a 10% bleach solution, adding one part bleach to nine parts water. This will be handy for the larger areas your dog lays or travels, such as hallways, floors and porches. Mop well and mop often. Doctors and Technicians at veterinary clinics regularly use parvocides such as Foam Quat to disinfect themselves and clinical areas when treating a parvo case. These products come in handy for cleaning things such as furniture, clothing, and shoe soles. As well as doorknobs, tables and just about anything else that the virus could be living on. Any veterinarian will be able to provide an effective parvocide or alternative treatment for your home.

Severing ties: Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I know that you just spent all that money on your new puppy’s bed, collar and dishes, but to play it on the safe side they just might have to go. While using bleach and other parvocides will generally get to the root of the problem, the old rule of “when in doubt, throw it out” applies here. Parvo can lay dormant even after the affected pup is back to normal, so use caution when deciding what to keep.

Prevention, prevention, prevention: Life on the front line

The best and most surefire way to get rid of parvo is to never get it! These simple steps can assure that this disease will not stand a chance in your home or yard.

1. Keep your vaccinations current, and on schedule
2. Keep your pooch away from feces and known paths of stray dogs
3. Limit contact to brief visits only with vaccinated dogs

This virus can be a doozie, and a heartbreaker! Practicing good judgment at all times can keep this nasty virus at bay, and away from your pet.


  1. My yard is infected with parvo and I just bleached it. well, my next door neighbor is a veterinary assistant, she said that even after i bleach for parvo the surface will be safe but the parvo will seep into the ground and it will stay there. Is that so? I am scared because I have lost 4 too many pets to that horrible virus, and my dog loves to dig, she also has puppies and I am keeping them inside for the time being until I get a professional advice. please help me out.

  2. i currently have a puppy i found before not that long ago he was fine bu now he doesn’t want to eat or do anything he wants to sleep and he keps throwing up.
    i wanted to know if it was a guareentee that he is sick with parvo or could hebe sick with something else please help me i am 13 and getting very scared for my puppy i don’t want him to die.

  3. I have 3 female dogs and 1 has parvo ,what could I do that is cheep and will save my dog. We first got this dog and it was not supposed to stay long at all. But now we love her as much as the other two. We cant get rid of her, now that she has parvo. If you have any advice bout to get rid of pavo please HELP MEE……….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have three dogs that have parvo. One Sharpay and Two Chihuahau’s. How do you get rid of parvo? Please Help We Already Had A Dog Named Oso Who Died Of Parvo, So Help Us? Please?

  5. I know how to get rid of it now!!!! Only course of action she recommended was having the other dog vaccinated and then waiting at LEAST two weeks before bringing him/her home. Then Bleach EVERY Single Thing Your Dog/Puppy Touched. Hope This Works!!

  6. My puppy had parvo but it poop in the house and outside so I bleach the outside an the inside.

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