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Hair on the upper lip is a problem that millions of women share. It can be a major source of embarrassment and shame to it’s sufferers. Women of the world, fear not. Just use these few simple ideas and you’ll have your face looking smooth and beautiful in no time!


A lot of women really try to steer clear of waxing because of the pain factor, but it really is very effective. It’s a much better idea then shaving because it lasts a lot longer, and won’t leave behind any unsightly stubble. You can buy at home waxing kits from your local drugstore. They are very easy to use. If you are squeamish about this, you can visit your local salon and they will be more than happy to do it for you. Make sure to apply a cold compress immediately after you wax. It helps curb the redness and irritation that waxing causes. The results of waxing will also last about a month.
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Bleaching is also a wonderful alternative to shaving. Just like waxing you can purchase the do-it-yourself kits or visit your local salon. Make sure if you decide to use a bleach system at home you purchase the kits especially made for removing facial hair. Bleaching can cause irritation. Before you apply the bleaching solution to your entire problem area, use it on a test patch first.


As you are probably already know both waxing and bleaching are not permanent solutions, but electrolysis is. Electrolysis uses electricity to kill hair follicles. Dead hair follicles means no more unwanted hair. This procedure is also quite expensive. A single session can cost anywhere from $50 to $350 per an hour, and you will have to sit for more than one session to completely eliminate the hair. Laser hair removal is an option that is similar to electrolysis, but usually isn’t as effective, and is generally more costly. Laser hair removal also requires several sessions to achieve any results.

Which ever method use choose, whether it be temporary or permanent, do whatever fits into your budget. Electrolysis and laser hair removal can be permanent solutions, but they are also the most expensive solutions. A dermatologist can give you more information on any of the above options. He or she can also talk to you about the prescription hair removal products that have recently become available.

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