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How to Get Rid of Pins and Needles

So you are watching your favorite TV show, and all of a sudden, your leg or foot bursts of pain! We call this “pins and needles”, or your foot “fell asleep”. It hurts so badly, that you can barely concentrate on your show! No! What to do? Well, here are three great suggestions to put a stop to those dreaded pins and needles as soon as they arrive, knocking’ at your door!

Stomp it out

One great tip that I have for you is pretty much common sense. The medical reason a body part receives “pins and needles” is because it has been sitting in one place for too long, not moving and the blood circulation has stopped flowing in that particular body part. So get off your caboose shake, stomp, wiggle, or jerk the heck out of that thing! This will get the blood flowing at a faster rate and will end the pins and needles for sure. It may take up to two or three minutes at the most for it to stop.

Water Torture

Another awesome tip is to simply shock those pins and needles! Do you remember being a goof ball little kid and playing pranks on your friends while they were sleeping by pouring cold water over them? Then your friends would jump up out of bed, wide awake, shocked as heck to what just happened. Well, you basically do the same thing to the pins and needles. Simply take a cold shower! Run the cool water all over the achy spot that is bothering you for about 5 minutes, and it will “shock” your bloodstream by going into protective mode by reacting to the all of the sudden cold water touching it, and will start you blood flow going to warm up your body on the inside. Genius, huh? Then, of course, just hop out of the shower and dry off.

Under Pressure

The final tip I have for you is to get a body lotion and massage it over the pins and needles area. Just like a crick in your neck, when being massaged, the spot’s kinks will be worked out. The pressure of your hands will in turn, send pressure down to your bloodstream to let the flowing begin!

Hopefully these tips will help you out the next time you are cursed with dreaded pins and needles. And maybe you should stop reading this now…because you never know…your butt may just get…pins and needles!


  1. Thank you so much! While reading this I had pins and needles… I just can’t stand the pain!

  2. Thanks so much!! I had pins and needles on my right foot, and when it didn’t go away for several minutes, I found this site. I’m massaging. And it’s helping.

  3. Does it matter how big your ass is, bc i have a small butt and i get pins and needles almost everyday im sitting on the train, i also sit in a cubby position like an infinat a mothers womb so that might contribute to it, but i think me not having too much meat back thier makes it easier to stop blood flow and honestly it really sucks getting that shit every 20 mintues

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