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How to Get Rid of Pock Marks

High school is a difficult time and made more difficult if you are an acne sufferer. Acne can significantly damage your skin and leave scars and pock marks on the surface. These scars can stay around through your adulthood. As well some adults suffer from acne and need relief from pock mark scarring. Here are some answers on how to get rid of pock marks.

1. Home microdermabrasion kits can be bought at most drug stores and can make a big dent in the lighter scars and pock marks on your face. These kits can be sold with tools or without. The process will lift the top few layers of your skin which makes a big difference in acne, pock marks, and scarring.

2. If your scarring is deeper you may want to consider cosmetic surgery procedures. These will carry with them a risk of more dangerous side effects but have a good track record in getting rid of pock marks and scarring. Choose from the gentler laser rejuvenation, chemical peels, to the harsher dermabrasion.

3. Exfoliating and scrubbing creams work for many people. The complaints to these options are skin irritation.

4. If you are looking for more natural way you can go with the potato. Potatoes have enzymes in them that help to reduce pock marks and scarring. Simply cut open the potato and place the inside surface of the potato against the infected area for 30-60 minutes a day.

5. Don’t forget the importance that diet and exercise play in reducing acne, which will get rid of pock marks because you won’t get them. Eat less greasy food and sodas, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Whether you decide to go natural and change your diet and exercise and use the potato, or if you go with the cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion, laser rejuvenation, or chemical peels, or try the old corner drug store options and use exfoliants, scrubs, microdermabrasions, and creams; you need to really give them a chance to work. Trying something for a week is not going to get you the results you are looking for, likewise thinking cosmetic procedures will have overnight changes will only get you disappointment (most procedures take months to see the real results).

It takes time for the pock marks and scarring to appear and will take time for the skin to heal from the damage. I hope this how to article on getting rid of pock marks helps.

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