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How to Get Rid of Prairie Dogs

prairie dogsWe’ve seen them in zoos and in countless episodes on Animal Planet. Prairie dogs are probably the cutest burrowing pest nature ever invented. We are amazed by their highly organized and developed social structure, their unwavering work ethic, and the care and love they show to family members.

But what happens when a family of prairie dogs moves into your backyard? The answer is a resounding “How do I get rid of them?” Prairie dogs are a member of the rodent family, which means they are closely related to the mouse, rat, gopher and many other pests that prefer to make their living alongside us. They are troublesome and can quickly damage property as well as make an unsightly mess with their burrow holes. So, what can you do to get rid of prairie dogs? The answer may surprise you.

Call a Professional

Of course, the first step is to find out how to make the removal of such pests someone else’s problem. Call around to exterminator services and comparison shop for the best price. The other consideration is the method the exterminator uses for removal. Most of us have a soft spot for living creatures and would just like them to be relocated. Most exterminators aim to kill, not relocate. Some achieve this with poison, so with gas and others with fire. If you are feint of heart, then make sure that you understand how the exterminator plans to dispatch with your furry little problems, else plan to handle the removal yourself.

Humane Traps

This method is generally the easiest for home owners to stomach, however, probably the least effective. Prairie dogs happen to be extremely intelligent creatures, as with most other rodent species. You will probably be successful in capturing a few of the younger ones, but you will not catch the older, breeding adults. Prairie dogs are highly suspicious of any changes in their environments and will not generally approach the trap. A few of the more curious youngsters will probably be bold enough to investigate, but after a few are caught, the word will go out to stay away from the traps permanently.

Poison Bait

This will work, once again on a few and will probably be more effective than the traps, but once again, the effectiveness will be limited and the smell of decaying bodies will be unbearable after a few days, especially if any of their burrows have found their way into your dirt floor basement. Not to mention, domesticated pets and children may come into contact with the bait or dying rodents and become poisoned as well.

Flushing the Burrows

Filling the burrows’ holes with water to drown and/or remove the prairie dogs will also work, but unless you also collapse the entire burrow system and back fill with dirt, those that aren’t killed will return.

Getting rid of prairie dogs is no easy task. Just ask anyone currently residing in Lubbock Texas. Your best and easiest choice is to hire a professional to remove the family.

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