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How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair

Let’s face it – one is better off without it. You feel neater, and more kept. And there are lots of ways to get rid of that unwanted pubic hair. Though it is the better option, there are things you might want to think about before you go about getting rid of your pubic hair. For one, your partner’s reaction. Undergarments are also something you should consider. Pick ones that are made of cotton or silk, since those types of materials allow your skin to breathe. This is essential because otherwise, especially if you’re a woman, you are at the risk of a yeast infection. Yeesh!

Pubic hair is easily removed by shaving. Most of the time, though, shaving will cause you to experience irritation. This is because your skin is sensitive, and not used to being in direct contact with anything. To make the process simpler, and ease the irritation, take a long hot bath before shaving. This will soften the skin. Gentle exfoliation can be done to get rid of the dead cells on the skin. Don’t start shaving without trimming first – that will make the process tedious. Trim your hair, using scissors or a trimmer, for an easier and closer shave later. Lubrication is essential before shaving. Lubricate the hair using shaving creams or gels, but hair conditioners will work best. While shaving, remember to use a new blade. All a dull blade will give you is trouble. Shave in the same direction as the hair growth. Once you are done shaving, close the pores by applying ice on your skin. After drying, apply moisturizer to smooth the skin.

The irritation caused by shaving will reduce as you start to shave more often. If you find that it doesn’t, and if shaving causes adverse effects, then you should try other methods. Shaving clearly isn’t for you.

You can neaten yourself up with a trim. For trimming, use a trimmer or scissors. Trimmers are the easier option, and they will give you a more uniform result.

Waxing – just the thought of waxing down there makes you want to squeal, doesn’t it? But it is a preferred option because it lasts much longer – almost a month, generally. Waxing also needs less maintenance while the hair is growing back, since it does so slowly. Frequent waxing will also reduce the amount of pubic hair. Going to a professional is a better option, since all you have to do is scream! Waxing at home is more tedious, and requires some skill and concentration. But if you are the kind that would get embarrassed to go to a professional, you can do it effectively at home. It will also save you some money, since professional waxing is generally expensive. Here are tips to keep in mind while waxing at home.

1) Pick a small area first when you start waxing. Start by removing a small amount of hair.
2) Spread the wax over the area.
3) Now press the waxing strip over that area.
4) Pull the strip in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. Remember to pull the strip backwards, and not upwards.
5) Now go about removing the hair completely.

After you’ve finished waxing, apply some moisturizer over the skin to soothe it.

Apart from waxing, shaving and trimming, chemical depilatories can also be used for pubic hair removal. These are creams that can be applied to the hair. After a while, the cream can be washed off, and the hair is washed off along with it. These depilatories dissolve the hair, thus allowing it to be removed. This method is not suitable for everyone, though. If it does not suit your skin, it will cause a lot of irritation! The best thing to do would be to test it on your skin in another area, and observe it for any adverse reactions. Whatever the method you choose, take precautions and be patient!

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