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How to Get Rid of Red Ants

Red Ants, also known as Fire Ants have a dangerous sting especially if one is allergic to it. It is found mostly in USA, Canada, Australia etc. There are many ways of getting rid of Red Ants. Both, pesticides and home remedies are available.

The best home made remedies for getting rid of Red Ants:

  1. Buy a tin of chewing tobacco! Take a big glass of boiling water, soak the tobacco and garlic, put both in the blender and mix it. Add hot sauce in the mixture, puree the mixture, strain the same and spray it with the help of a hose sprayer. This not only gets rid of Red Ants but also other insects but one will have to put up with the strong odor for about an hour.
  2. Fill the ant hill holes with soap water or take the peelings of citrus fruit and water, blend both in a blender and pour the mixture in the ant hill to get rid of the ants.
  3. Use Diatomaceous Earth. This is one of the most effective natural solutions. It contains fossilized algae with tiny sharp edges, that cut through the Red Ant’s exoskeleton which either poisons or dehydrates the ant. This can be applied on the cracks in the walls. You can get this from any hardware store and it is found in some baby powders as well!
  4. Apply baby powder, red pepper, paprika or dried peppermint on the trail of the ant, the ants will die.
  5. You can also use chalk along the ant trails to get rid of the red ant.
  6. Mix cinnamon and sugar. Ants while taking sugar will also take cinnamon. The queen ant will die because it cannot digest cinnamon and the other ants will follow suit! Scandalous indeed!
  7. You can use uncooked corn. Put piles of them in the ant area. They cannot digest it and will carry it home to give it to the queen ant. End result will be that all ants die out of indigestion! Care should be taken that these corns are not cooked.
  8. You can mix 1 spoon of baking soda and 1 spoon of icing sugar. This mixture can be left in piles around the affected room.
  9. Take a bottle of water and mix it with pepper mint oil and spray the red ants.
  10. If you are living in a house and not an apartment, you can get rid of the red ants by planting mint by the side of the house.

Using Pesticides

The best pesticides to be used are the ones which contain Boric Acid. The powder form can be used at home and the gel form can be used in your arm or garden.

Nicotine can be used on the Red Ant hill to kill the ants in the nest.

Pesticide such as Dominion 2L, Termidor or Phantom can be used along with ant baits to get rid of Red Ants.

One best way of hunting these Red Ants is to catch the Queen Ant. Queen ants have large thorax and abdomen and are in black color. She can be found around a lot of eggs. Once she is killed, the other ants cannot survive without her. Talk about loyalty!

One should be careful when trying to spray home made remedies as one has to get near the Red Ant nest. When the red ants get disturbed you have to get professional help to get rid of the pain created by its sting. This sting can lead to nausea, sweating and in some cases even fainting if one is allergic to the sting.

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