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How to Get Rid of Red Wine Stains

Most people dread the thought of staining their personal possessions with red wine. However, despite popular belief, removing red wine stains from your clothing or other personal belongings is not as hard as it initially sounds. The red wine removal process does not require any sort of special chemical solvents. These solvents can actually end up damaging your clothing or furniture. It turns out that you can remove red wine stains on your belongings using simple products that can be found within your home. This guide will walk you through various techniques of removing red wine stains. The effectiveness of the below procedure is will vary depending on what you are cleaning and how settled the wine stain is. If one technique does not work out, you’re encouraged to try out the next as you will eventually find a solution to removing your wine stain.

Homemade Red Wine Stain Removal

The first concoction makes use of 1 cup of water, some soap, and about a half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide, for those of you that don’t know, is an acid that is typically found in a dark brown bottle at your local pharmacy. The specific brand is irrelevant. You will need to use a liquid soap for this solution. You may substitute dish soap for hand soap. After gathering all the supplies, you want to mix them per instructions and place the solution in a spray bottle. When you have the spray bottle sealed and ready to go you want to spray the solution right atop the stain. Be generous in applying the solution, however, don’t exaggerate. We don’t want to exasperate the problem. After spraying down the troubled area, let the solution sit for several minutes. Afterwards, take a clean white towel and dab the affected area. You should notice the red wine make its way off the piece of furniture or clothing.

Use White Wine to Remove Red Wine Stains

If the above solution proves ineffective or you wish to take an alternative route, we have another option in store for you. Although this may sound surprising at first, you can actually remove red wine stains using white wine. However, we won’t be simply pouring the wine over the stain. Rather, we will be applying the wine and over it some salt. Both the white wine and salt will help expunge the stain from the couch. Once you’ve allowed the white wine and salt to sit atop the stain for several minutes, you can go ahead and begin gently rubbing the affected area. You should notice the stain quickly diminishing.

Removing Red Wine with Club Soda

If you don’t have any white wine handy, yet again we have another stain removal option. This one involves the use of club soda. Club soda is capable of removing red wine stains from the couch on its own. Simply, pour some of the club soda over the stain area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, dab with a white towel. If you wish to increase the effectiveness of this technique, you can also opt to use baking soda in conjunction with the club soda. The baking soda, while also one odor fighter, can be used as an abrasive in removing the red wine stain. Try to minimize rubbing the affected area as you don’t want to spread the problem. Stick to dabbing the stain and you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

Use Detergent

Those of you that have laundry detergent in your home may choose to use utilize it against the red wine stain. Mix the detergent with some hot water and begin slowing dabbing the affected area. You need to dilute the detergent with as much water as necessary. Remember, detergent is a strong solvent that can wreak havoc on fabric quite quickly. As long as the solution is not too concentrated, you should have no problems in removing the stain and returning your couch back to its previous state.

Milk Gets Rid of Red Wine Stains Too!

Finally, and yet again, we have another odd solution to fix this bothersome problem. That solution is milk. Believe it or not, milk has the potential to remove red wine stains. Milk contains special enzymes which can diminish the appearance of the stain. Be sure to keep the milk at the temperature that it was initially in before applying it to the stained area. Heating it will not expedite the stain removal process, rather, it will render the milk a useless combatant in regards to the problem. Allow the milk to remain on the stain for a good amount of time. If you notice that the milk is having an effect on the stain, however a gradual one, allow the milk to remain on the stain for larger increments of time. The milk should eventually remove the stain in its entirety.

One of the above solutions is bound to help you remove red wine stains from any sort of fabric. Keep in mind that the secret to treating red wine stains is to act immediately and not allow the stain to settle in. The longer the stain is allowed to linger on the fabric, without any sort of human intervention, the more the chances of recovery diminish. Thus, the minute you observe a stain be sure to dab it with a towel and employ one of these techniques to remove it while it is still fresh. We wish you luck in your red wine stain removal endeavors!

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