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How to Get Rid of Road Rash

It’s a clean, clear beautiful day and you can’t wait to get on your bike and ride like the wind. The air is clean, the temperature is just right, the sun is shining. You’re enjoying the scenery around you and all that nature is offering for you viewing pleasure. Suddenly, out of nowhere, your either face down on the gravel or on your side in the fetal position and all you can think is “what just happened”? Suddenly, you feel this stinging pain. “Crap” you think. “Now what am I going to do?”

Well, you might as well see what you need to do. Forget about your bike. You are the most important part of this whole equation at this point. Your very first instinct is for you to check the damage to your bike, but that stinging you feel? Well, that’s road rash and the sooner you attend to that the better off you’re going to be. Look at the area that the stinging feeling is coming from, do you see blood? Is it just red with dirt all over it? No, now wait, it’s not that bad. Get your water bottle and give it a little rinse off. Lets really take a good look at it. OUCH! That hurts. Yeah, it’s going sting. The body is a wonderful piece of machinery. The moment something happens to it, it immediately kicks in to start trying to heal itself. If you don’t have a bikers crash kit, take off your shirt and try and find the cleanest part of the shirt. Wet this area of the shirt and start dabbing away.

Yeah, I know what’s running through you head right now, save it and curse me out later while you’re thanking me for this information. You need to get out as much dirt and grit from the wound as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you are gonna have what is referred to as “road tattoo”. Road tattoo is created by the dirt and grit not cleaned out of the wound and heals give you a discoloration to the area. After you have dabbed a couple of times and the pain subsides a little, you might also want to gently, AND I DO MEAN GENTLY, so a little wiping/scrubbing action while letting little drops of water from you bottle fall on the area at the same time. This will ensure that you’re getting the area totally clean.

At this point you’ll need to get yourself home and fully address the issue. Keeping the area clean and moist are of the utmost importance to aid in healing as quickly as possible. There are a wide variety of ointments out there to treat road rash. Go to your local drug store and talk to the pharmacist to see what they recommend for your little “accident”.

Now that you are on the mends, think off all the fun you can have telling the story of “how to fall off your bike before you know what happened”. The better part of this is, think about the pity you will receive from you spouse or loved ones. All you have to say is “OUCH, my wound”. They will jump to get you anything you want. Sit back and enjoy. It truly maybe a little painful, but you can still reap some rewards!

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