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How to Get Rid of Scabies

scabiesUnfortunately for us humans, Scabies are caused by a very common mite that is found all across the world. That means anyone can get Scabies anytime and anywhere. These itch mites are parasites, meaning they need to find a host in order to survive. Once they make their way to a host, they dig into the skin and make a nice little home for themselves. Then the itching, irritation and annoyance begins.

How Do I Know If I Have Scabies? Symptoms to Look Out For

Like many other health issues, Scabies can sometimes take over a month of “burrowing” before you exhibit any symptoms. This means that the itch mites have been nesting in your skin for week without you even knowing. Since they’re practically invisible to the naked eye, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll actually see those little buggers; you’ll only know once the itching begins.

Checking in with the Doctor

Since there is no proven homemade remedy to treat and eliminate Scabies from your body, you’ll need to seek professional medical help. If your skin is itching like crazy and have a crawling sensation throughout your skin, it’s time to see a Doc and talk about Scabies. They’ll go through the steps below and instruct you on how to prevent the spread of Scabies as well as how to treat them.

Stop the Spreading of Scabies

One of the biggest issues with Scabies is that they’re highly contagious. They can fall off your skin, clothes, bedding or anywhere else in an environment where they’re nested. They can spread like wildfire, so mentally prepare yourself to be around other people as little as possible and be isolated until they’re gone.

Cleaning Everything You Own

To help curb the spread of Scabies and potentially get rid of it in some places, you need to immediately clean everything. This means all your clothes, bedding, pets, carpets and most importantly, yourself. Simple soap and water should work just fine, but make sure you don’t miss a spot. Vacuum and dust your entire living space as thoroughly as possible.

Get Rid of the Scabies Itch

Since Scabies itch like crazy, it is our reaction to scratch our skin furiously, often times so harsh that it breaks open our skin. This is something you want to avoid at all costs; breaking open the skin and mixing bacteria with the Scabies is a prime recipe for infection. This could take a relatively minor health issue and make it a LOT worse. To stave off the itching, your best bet is to use an over the counter antihistamine such as Benadryl, Zyrtec or the generic equivalent.

Topical Skin Ointment

After you visit a doctor, they’ll likely prescribe you with a topical skin ointment. They’ll instruct you to rub it all over your body and let it go to work to get rid of your Scabies. It’s not the most enjoyable process, but it usually gets the job done. The active medical agents in these ointments are permathrin or sulfur, depending on what the doctor prescribes. Be sure to make your doctor aware of any skin allergies you have, as you’ll be expected to rub the ointment all over your body…and I mean all over.

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