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How to Get Rid of Scratches on Furniture

You saw it happen, but you just don’t believe it. You’re nosy neighbor grabbed and dragged her keys across the surface of your brand new maple table leaving a scratch you’ll describe later as 3 feet long. Regardless of the size of the scratch, it’s still an unsightly mark, and now you need to learn how to get rid of scratches on furniture after you strangle your neighbor. Here you find some unique and effective ways to be rid of all the scratches that sully your beautiful furniture.

One way to remove scratches from a wooden piece of furniture is to rub it gently with either a walnut or Brazil nut. It’s sounds rather unconventional, however if the scratch is mild and only on the surface, a gentle rubbing of these nuts along the surface of the scratch will have them lighten and disappear in no time. Cut or break the nut in half allowing the natural oils to present themselves. The piece of the nut that is broken in half is what you’ll rub along the scratch. Remember, this only works on scratches that are small or just on the surface.

Another way to remove an unsightly scratch from your wooden furniture is to purchase any store- bought scratch removal product. Many of these products can be matched perfectly to the coloring of your furniture and work remarkably well. They work best for scratches that are surface only, and when the instructions are followed explicitly. If done correctly, they will have your piece looking as if it were new and nothing ever happened.

For scratches that are just below the surface and prove to be a bit more difficult, you have a few options to choose from. First, you can try to use a felt tip or Sharpie marker that closely matches the wood color and run it along the scratch. It may not be perfect due to the deepness of the scratch, but it will take away the mark and make it appear notably better. Shoe polish is something else you may want to consider, and it works similarly to the markers. By filling a shoe polish applicator bottle with stain that is the same as the wood, it’s easy to cover scratches and make the wood look good as new.

If your furniture has a gouge that is deep and fairly large in size, you may have to see a professional to get it repaired. You can take all the precautions in the world to keep your furniture safe from scratches, but sooner or later, it’s going to happen. These simple suggestions on how to get rid of scratches on furniture will hopefully be of some help to you when the next unsightly mark finds it’s way to your furniture.

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