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How to Get Rid of Seagulls

seagullWhen watching them fly in groups over an island, from the shore, or while you’re out for a boat ride, seagulls are seemingly peaceful and even pleasant birds. The problem with seagulls lies in their eating habits. They’re carnivores and therefore go out on the hunt for live pray – often times fish, crabs, clams or whatever sea creatures they can pluck out of the water. In addition, when humans are around with their own food, seagulls aren’t far behind. This is when they become pests that you’ll do anything to get rid of!

Here are some methods for getting rid of seagulls when they’re too close to you, your home, boat, property, etc.:

Seagull Spikes

Seagulls spikes are a classic deterrent to get rid of seagulls that have been frequenting your home or office. They’re very small pieces of metal wire that stick up straight into the air, forming a surface that looks like a bed of nails. While this may make for an unusual-looking addition to your building’s architecture, it ensures that no seagulls or other pesky birds will be using your building as a landing spot. If they can’t land anywhere on your building or in your outdoor area, they’re much less likely to hang around, let alone pay you a visit at all.

Electronic Devices

There are a few electronic devices on the market today that have the ability to use sound to get rid of seagulls. Here are some that I’ve researched and found to have gotten lots of good reviews in their ability to get rid of seagulls and keep them away (Note: I haven’t actually tried them out myself).

Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic

The Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic works by blasting over 22 different prey bird and distress calls. These calls mimic those of real birds and are quite effective and scaring the seagulls off. Because of the frequency of the sounds and the heightened sense of seagulls (and other birds), the sounds emitted from the device can be effective for up to 6 acres.

Bird-X BXP-PRO 1 Peller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller

The Bird-X BXP-PRO 1 Peller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller is a serious piece of equipment…and at just around $200, it’s not cheap either. I’d recommend this device if you have a serious seagull problem and need a serious solution. It’s not for experimenting or to be used from time to time to get rid of a few seagulls. The most powerful feature of this device is that it can specifically target whatever type of birds have decided to infest your property; in this case, seagulls!

How to Keep Seagulls Away

When you’re on the beach, fishing from a dock, on a boat, or just near the water, it’s very easy to attract seagulls. Here are two easy tips to follow that will go a long way in keeping seagulls away. Don’t give them what they want and they’ll have no need to bug you!

Get Rid of your Trash

It’s a fact: trash attracts seagulls. Any trash you do make, be sure to cover it up tightly in a sealed bag – double bag if you can. If there’s somewhere other than your locale to dispose of the trash, then promptly do so. The smell of trash is like a pheromone for seagulls – they can’t help but be attracted to it! So get rid of your trash and keep the seagulls from ruining your day.

No Feeding the Seagulls

Lots of people, particularly little kids and old men, absolutely love to feed birds. I guess it can be fun to toss pieces of bread around and watch the birds fight over it. The only problem is that once you start tossing food, they won’t go away. If you’re hanging out by the water fishing, for example, tossing around food will keep the seagulls squawking and bothering you for the entirety of your stay. Take it from me, it’s not worth feeding the seagulls!

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