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How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

If you have ever seen a skunk scurrying off from your path, you have felt the deadening feeling in the pit of your stomach and soon are rewarded with an acknowledgment of your worst fears, the undeniable, unforgettable aroma of skunk. If you have seen or smelled a skunk, don’t stop until you have showered for 10 minutes

The solution to get rid of skunk smell is to get under lots of running water as quickly as you can before the skunks oily particles, finely dispersed all over your body, get a chance to settle in for good. Using regular ivory or deodorant soap will help but you should follow with a thorough all over sud sing with deodorant soap with a thorough all over sud sing with a Natural Handmade Soap, preferably one that uses extra virgin olive oil and has that ingredient listed. These soaps come in a variety of perfumed variations, and a wild orchid perfumed, natural handmade soap with extra virgin olive oil will soon get rid of any reminders of your skunk encounter. Don’t forget to use the natural soap on your hair, and you can follow that with your normal shampoo and conditioner.
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Didn’t get under the shower quick enough and the skunks smell is permanently lodged in your nose?

There might be occasions when you will not be able to quickly jump into a shower. Remember the old wives tale of using parsley to cut the odor of garlic and you might have another short term remedy to getting rid of the skunk perfume. If you can find a grocery store and buy a few clumps of fresh parsley without being thrown out for bringing in skunk smell, rub the parsley all over the exposed parts of your body, include your nose and the fine hairs inside your nose. When you get home, strip from your clothes and carry them to the washer. Immediately begin the wash cycle and don’t forget to use an odor cutting laundry soap like Arm and Hammer. You might find that the parsley has already taken out some of the skunk smell from the exposed parts of your body. You still need to shower as usual.

The old standby baking soda really does cut odor

Most of us were taught to always buy two boxes of baking soda. We were to put one box with the lid opened in the corner of the refrigerator and another box in the cupboard for baking. Baking soda really does keep the food odors in the refrigerator from overpowering you when you open it. You can wash your clothes in baking soda and regular detergent to get rid of the skunk smell and you can give yourself a baking soda sponge bath while your clothes are being washed. Of course, you should follow your baking soda sponge bath with a normal shower using lots of soap.

The skunk got too close and you can’t shake its smell

You need to get a huge bottle of white vinegar and use it on a wash cloth for a sponge bath. The white vinegar is also used to clean really streaked windows and it will really strip whatever skunk residue you may have on your body. Don’t forget to shower with a natural, perfumed soap to get rid of the vinegar smell from your body or people will think you were pickled.

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