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How to Get Rid of Sparrows

While birds in general are beautiful to watch as they glide through the air, feed at your bird feeder or enjoy a dip in the birdbath, some birds are not actually meant to be dwelling in your backyard. Bird species that are non-native and introduced into an ecology can wreak havoc on the native species, decimating populations by destroying their eggs and killing the adults. One such non-native troublemaker is the Sparrow, also called the House Sparrow.
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Because of the aggression towards native bird species it is legal for this bird to be dealt with quickly and thoroughly. While some prefer less lethal methods, other are fine with more permanent means of disposal of the Sparrow. The first method is simple and at times it works effectively enough to encourage the bird to move along to new pastures. Simply destroying the nest either after completion or during construction and removal of and destruction of eggs and any fledglings. Not all Sparrows nest within easy reach so care should be taken if using a ladder to reach higher branches. Also, utilizing a long pole is effective as well. Sparrows tend to be scared of owls and often a large fake owl strategically placed can deter Sparrows from nesting anywhere within its vicinity.

Trapping the birds is ideal, as you are able to catch multiple birds at once as many traps are able to hold upwards of 40 birds. The doors to these traps tend to be self-resetting and do not need to be checked multiple times per day. The traps tend to be escape-proof and you are able to set and reset over and over again. You might be shocked at how many House Sparrows you manage to trap. It is also popular to shoot them with pellet type guns, to trim their wings rendering them flightless making them a tasty snack for their predators, or donating them to a program that rehabilitates wildlife. These centers might take live trapped birds for food.

While all this talk of eliminating a species from our our backyards sounds incredibly inhumane, what Sparrows do to our native species is just as inhumane. They are simply acting in their nature, however, controlling the spread of this bird is essential, in order, for us to save such bird species as the Bluebird and Purple Martin. Returning an ecology to its natural state at times means solving the problems we as humans created by introducing a non-native species.


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  3. I have a problem with sparrows living in a hole in the side of my building. I live in the penthouse apt and there is no access to this side of the building making it a great bird home. I plugged the hole with a metallic scouring pad. I used the end of my broom to force the pad into the hole. The sparrows cannot chew through the metallic pad and they had to find a new home to live in. Hope that helps someone.

  4. We cannot get rid of sparrows that are attempting to build a nest in our overhead awning. I must have taken down beginnings of the nest at least 150 joikng. they just start to build again 5 minutes later.Thye built one last year before we knew it and we did not wnt to kill the eggs so we left it..big mistake. most of the babies died and there was fecies and black flies all over..the awning is a mess on top as we have not cleaned it yet for summer. without shooting there something they hate or what can we do?help

  5. How do you get rid of sparrows nesting on the inner brick wall of an outside verandah?. Someone told me to leave the nests they have built, destroying these nests will mean they only make more mess carrying dirt there to build again until I can get rid of the sparrows. Unless I deter them for wanting to build nests there it will be and endless chore to keep cleaning up after them not to mention to damage and mess they are leaving on screen doors etc. Someone told me to hang CD discs from the ceiling because as the sun shines on the discs it will deter them, didn’t work. Someone else told me to lay rubber snakes on the floor and that will deter them – all that does is give me a fright… Is there a natural remedy to get rid of the lice carrying creatures forever………………..

  6. Good information on house sparrow control can be found on or the tree swallow project website ( Trapping and dispatching with the house sparrow humanely is a good idea for native cavity nesters, farmers, home owners, etc. These birds are vicious. They peck open eggs, kill fledglings, and peck out eyes of adult native cavity nesters. Not to mention the damage they do to farmers crops, livestock feed, etc. They also have been known to decapitate other birds. They may look cute because they are so small, but, you should not be fooled. They belong in the U.K, not in the states. Everything has its place, and unfortunately, people introduced this species in the wrong places. PLEASE DO CHECK your traps though (even though the article says it is not necessary), you could trap a native species and a native bluebird, tree swallow, or other songbird will not survive in a trap or with a vicious house sparrow. Also, it is not a good idea to just kill eggs/fledglings of sparrows because of something called House Sparrow Revenge Syndrome (funny name, but, deadly serious). Please google if you need more info on that. Breaking the neck with a swift twist is quick and humane. A mesh lingerie bag is a good way to capture the bird (it keeps it from escaping). There should be no shame in getting rid of a pest humanely, and without malice. But, be aware that now all sparrows, or all brown birds that look like them are bad and PLEASE be sure you are identifying the birds correctly before you kill them. All creatures deserve respect and dignity in death, and not tortured or caused to suffer needlessly. After all, they did not introduce themselves in the U.S.

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