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How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Every gardener’s worst nightmare is finding squirrels digging into and feeding on their carefully nurtured, painstakingly groomed and beautiful looking garden. Shouldn’t there be some way of getting rid of these irritating pests?

Another problem humans face is that when squirrels invade the houses we live in. The trouble is that, like rodents, squirrels like to chew on stuff. And invariably they end up chewing on the electric cables that light our lamps and fans and supply power to those air conditioners that cool our habitat.

Well, over the years many innovative (and not all fatal) methods have been devised to help us rid ourselves of these rogues and continue with our peaceful ways.

Outlined below are a few of the methods that have proven extremely effective in the combat against squirrels.

Method #1: The most unethical and the ugliest of them all is killing the poor creatures by poisoning them. This is one method I wouldn’t advice anyone doing because the results are more devastating to us than they are to the squirrels. A dead squirrel lying in some nook or cranny stinks and the foul odour will drive you out of the house as the entire place reeks of a rotting carcass. Also if you have pets at home, they might end up sick if they eat the dead squirrel, courtesy, the poison in the squirrel’s body. The only reason I include this paragraph here is to dissuade you from using this method from the outset.

Method #2: To keep squirrels from using your precious plants as chew-toys, they can be sprayed with some hot pepper sauces that have been diluted with water. These concoctions do not affect the plant’s growth but give the squirrels a fiery tongue when they take a bite and effectively keep them away from your plants.

Method #3Another sure-fire method to rid you of these pests is to place around your plants anything that might smell like its been left there by the squirrel’s predators like cat litter. Also certain products available in the market make use of fox urine to keep squirrels at bay. The mere scent sends the squirrels packing.

Effective Home Remedies

Some other household items that have proved useful in combating squirrels over the years are nutmeg, various varieties of pepper, cinnamon, chili powder, Tabasco sauce and peppermint oil, to name a few.

If your bird feeder is what is attracting the squirrels to you, then grind some pepper or some chili and mix it with the bird feed. Birds are not affected by the extra spice but squirrels find the new “taste” unpalatable.

When squirrels have invaded your home it leads to all out war. The squirrels like to chew on everything from your furniture to the power cables. So it is of paramount importance that they be driven out.

Where are they hiding?

So the first step is to find out where these pesky critters are hiding. Usually they make their homes in the attic, as the place is least disturbed and completely private. Now, provided the squirrels are out of the house, you can go about filling up the holes that the squirrels have been using as their hideaways or al least block them using some wire mesh. The choice of wire mesh is of prime importance as squirrels can squeeze through the gaps if the mesh is big enough. If the squirrels are in their hideaways then it is prudent to first let them get out as you do not want a squirrel trapped inside your house. So open the doors and windows and let it flee out before you close all openings that could serve as a home for the squirrels.

Finally, do remember to be gentle on these creatures and not overtly harsh as they are, after all, just trying to live the urban jungle we call home.

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  1. Squirrels are a full time problem for bird feeders. Here is a link for more information on defending your bird feeders.

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