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How to Get Rid of Static Cling

It’s happened to all of us. We are quickly getting ready for work, we throw on our freshly cleaned skirt or slacks and we experience the clingy, suctioning and incredibly annoying effects of static cling. Follow these simple steps to get rid of static cling in your wardrobe, forever!

Air Dry Clothes

An electrical build up of charges is what causes static cling. You can combat this build up of charges in a moist environment as static simply can’t survive where it is damp. By air drying your clothes, you completely avoid the build-up of these charges. If you don’t like the idea of waiting so long for your clothes to dry, you can also dry your clothes in the dryer until they are mostly dry and then just remove those articles of clothing that are particularly bothersome. Be sure to hang these damp articles of clothes on a line or out flat to avoid excessive wrinkling.
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Sprays and Sheets

You’re not alone in your dislike of static cling. This is evident by the myriad of products available to you at the grocery store today. There are sheets you can add to your dryer that act as fabric softeners and remove the cling, like Bounce or Snuggle dryer sheets, available in the laundry aisle. There are also sprays you can use directly on the fabric of your clothes like Static Guard.

A quick trick if you put on a piece of clothing that is clinging to you and you have no spray is to rub a dryer sheet directly onto your pants, skirt or dress. Put an extra dryer sheet in your purse in case the static cling attacks while you’re out.

As mentioned previously, static cling can’t survive in a damp environment, so if you have a good mister on a spray bottle then mist away at your clothes to get rid of the cling (assuming your clothes can handle the water).

Home Humidifier

Perhaps a more permanent solution to getting rid of static cling in your wardrobe would be to get a home humidifier. A whole-house humidifier actually connects to the HVAC system of your home allowing the entire house to be humidified. This would prevent the build of charges that cause static cling.

By following the above tips, static cling can be easily prevented and treated. No longer do you have to worry about the embarrassing effects of clingy shirts, slacks or dresses.

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