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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

stink bugStink bugs are one of the most common pests that can invade your home and wreak havoc. They typically enter homes looking for shelter, and while they’re inside, they certainly like to make themselves comfortable. Although there are currently 260 different species of stink bugs that have been identified throughout the world, the kind that enter into our homes tend to be the ones that have the strongest scent glands, emitting the strongest odors.

Typically, the winter is when stink bugs will come indoors looking for shelter. As part of their natural defense mechanism, many species of stink bugs are equipped with glands that emit a foul odor if they sense a threat – hence, “stink bugs”. Below are some different methods on how to get rid of stink bugs and keep them out of your home for good.

Protecting your house from stink bugs

Although stink bugs tend to enter into our home during the colder, winter months, they may be living in our yards during the warmer months. The best thing you can do during the summer is to protect yourself by making sure the stink bugs can’t get inside when it gets cold out.

The first step is to check the perimeter of your house along its foundation. Seal up any cracks or holes in the foundation – stink bugs only need a very tiny crack in order to gain access. Next, make sure you keep screen on all your windows. Open windows without screens provide easy access for the stink bugs to get inside your home.

Using chemical repellents outside

To further protect your house from being invaded by stink bugs, you should consider investing in some chemical repellent. The key ingredient in whatever chemical repellent you choose should be Cypermethrin – it’s somewhat nature-friendly in that it easily and harmlessly absorbs into the soil after taking care of the bugs. Spray the chemical all around the foundation of your house to stop the stink bugs from getting inside.

Getting rid of stink bugs inside

If stink bugs have already invaded your home, your only option is to get rid of them. The steps above will help to prevent future infestations, but you need to deal with the problem at hand. A shop vac vacuum cleaner is your best bet for scooping up the bugs en masse. They shouldn’t be hard to find; and when you do find them, simply vacuum them up and discard them. They typically start in the basement and work their way up.

There’s just one more thing to remember when you encounter a stink bug: whatever you do, don’t step on it or crush it! Doing so would result in the release of all the noxious, stinky fumes from the bugs’ scent glands. If you crush the bugs, they’ll smell much worse than they already did.

Light Traps

Like most pesky insects, stink bugs are attracted to light. Installing a few light traps in your basement can go a long way to catching and killing the pests before they have a chance to enter the rest of your home. Check the traps on a daily basis and empty them to make more room for the next batch!

Professional Exterminators

When all else fails, it’s time to call an exterminator. They’ll likely start with the methods listed above, but they’ll do it in a more strategic manner. In addition, they’ll have access to more equipment and different types of chemicals that may be necessary to handle a larger infestation.

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