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How to Get Rid of Swimmer’s Ear

swimmers earSwimmer’s Ear? Gross! Many of us have all experienced it, and we all hate it. Swimmer’s ear may not be a serious matter that needs professional medical attention, although it can be effectively treated with natural home remedies. Either way, it’s an extremely annoying condition that can become very painful, especially if left untreated.

The first thing you need to know is you should not use Q-Tips. Q-Tips can be a serious hazard and will cause serious damage to your ear drum. You really should not ever be sticking something like that into your ear, many people do it but it is the incorrect way to tend to or clean your ear and can cause serious problems. There are many different natural ways that you can use to tend to swimmer’s ear, all of which are safe for any individual to use.

Using Olive Oil

You can use olive oil just as you would use ear drops to help with swimmer’s ear. Just tilt your head to the side, and let a few drops of the Olive Oil fall into your ear and make their way into the inner part of your ear.

Mullein Oil

This oil is a natural healing oil that helps reduce inflammation of the inner ear which is generally the cause of the pain. All you need to do to use this method is to slightly warm the oil up and apply a couple drops to the ear that is affected by swimmer’s ear.

Using a Blow Dryer?

Yes even using a blow dryer to heat your ear, can help with the treatment of swimmer’s ear and can help reduce the pain associated with swimmer’s ear.

The Towel Method

A very sufficient way to tending to swimmer’s ear is with a warm damp towel. All you need to do is place the warm towel on the problem ear, or lay your head on the towel. Additionally, you could use some sort of heating pad instead of a damp towel. When I was younger, I used a rubber pillow that you could fill with hot water, those work also.

There are many more natural cures you can use to help cure you swimmer’s ear beyond the four mentioned. Additionally, it would be recommended that you put a few doses of Vitamin C or E into your daily life to give help to your body and its natural healing ability.


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