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How to Get Rid of Toilet Stains

A reasonable amount of money is spent by a lot of people on their toilets alone. This includes buying expensive glossy toilet bowls, bathtubs and other such furnishings. But as beautiful as the toilet bowls looks in the beginning, it gets uglier just after few months. This is because they are very susceptible to stains, especially due to hard water deposits. The stains can be real nasty at times and do not go with simple flushing of water alone. Instead of losing your mind and entirely replacing the toilet, focusing on some very simple techniques on how to remove toilet stains can be more effective.

These methods should be carried out only by an adult as it might deal with some very corrosive and toxic chemicals. Wearing a pair of gloves and a cap, while cleaning your toilet, is a must.

The rumors about using “coke” (The soft drink) that you must have heard to clean your toilet stains are actually true. Just empty a can of coke in the toilet and leave it to sit for few hours. The more the time it is allowed to sit, the better. Use a regular toilet brush to rub the stains off after that. Flush normally and don’t be surprised to see the stains vanish! This is due to the mild acid which is present in the drink (Carbonic acid). In case you don’t have any coke in your fridge, the use of “vinegar” is an equally good alternative. Follow the same steps as above when using vinegar.

Sometimes the stains are really bad and do not leave by using a mild acid. Using a more powerful chemical such as ammonia or sulfuric acid is recommended. To remove hard water stains in the inner parts of the toilet, use a plunger to drive the water down. Pour one of these chemicals while making sure that it does not touch your skin. Let it sit for few hours and then use a toilet brush to scrub the stains. Flush once you are done.

Whether or not you believe it, but using a pumice stone works better than any of the above methods. It will cost you just few pennies but the results are simply astounding! Pumice stones are easily available in almost any grocery store or a dollar shop. Use it to scrub the stains and they would come off really easy and make your toilet look as good as new.

Few toilet cleaning products such as Santeen, are commercially distributed in the market. If you have some hard cash with you, go for these products. They work well and is pretty safe for the surface of the toilet too. Do handle them with care and keep them out of reach from children as they are toxic and harmful when taken internally.

Using bleach to dispose the stains is another alternative. Put a little bleach once a week and keep it for sometime to settle. Scrub if necessary and flush finally.

Lastly if you are too lazy to do the work or the stains are too difficult for you too handle alone, there is always professional help available out there. Professional toilet cleaners will do the job for few dollars. Sometimes they have flexible options like paying you back $10 in case if the work is not done.

Toilet stains can cause serious embarrassment irrespective of any classes in society. Hence proper toilet care and hygiene must be maintained and the above methods should be regularly executed to prevent any future stains.

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