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How to Get Rid of Tooth Plaque

If you are like most people you drink sugary sodas and eat fast food or junk food all throughout the day. These types of beverages and meals that are high in sugar will cause plaque to develop on your teeth, but don’t worry by following a few simple methods you can get rid of tooth plaque and keep your teeth clean and shiny.

Brushing Your Teeth

The most common method of removing tooth plaque is brushing your teeth. Using either an electric or manual toothbrush for at least two minutes will help get rid of that base layer of tooth plaque and keep your teeth cavity free. You should brush your teeth after all large meals to ensure that you are getting rid of the plaque before it has a chance to develop. Brushing with water will work to get rid of the front line plaque, but brushing at least twice a day with toothpaste will keep your teeth plaque free.
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Another method used to remove plaque is mouthwash. Mouthwashes have developed so well over the past years that they are heading in the way of completely replacing toothbrushes all together. Most recent mouthwashes made will have no alcohol so you don’t have to worry about that burning fire in your mouth after brushing too hard with your toothbrush. These mouthwashes will come with a top that you can pour the wash into and then swish around in your mouth for at least thirty seconds followed by spitting it into the sink. This process gets all that extra plaque in between your teeth and on your tongue.

Dental Floss

The last method used to remove tooth plaque is dental floss. Dental floss is commonly used after you have brushed your teeth and used a mouthwash just to get any underlying plaque hidden in between teeth. By using the floss on a regular bases in cooperation with a toothbrush and mouthwash you can remove all of the daily plaque you have acquired from eating sugary foods. Floss has developed to an extent where you can purchase flavored flosses, and even pre-made floss lengths tied between a plastic handle that makes the flossing experience a much easier one. Most dental flosses are made from a common plastic wax like material that is strung back and forth between your teeth to get that last bit of plaque.

So overall if you are looking for ways to get rid of tooth plaque check out the above mentioned and have yourself on the way to a clean and healthy set of teeth!

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