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How to Get Rid of Tree Frogs

If nature’s little barometers have become a nuisance, there are a handful of humane ways to get rid of them effectively. (And a few inhuman that I will not mention for obvious reasons). People tend to feel strongly one way or another about frogs; you either love them or hate (fear) them. If you find yourself in the category of the latter, you can get rid of the frogs from your property in a way that will keep the frog lovers happy. However, before you do keep in mind that other pest often move in when the pest control moves out!
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Turn off the porch light

Frogs hang out by your door because they enjoy feasting on the bugs attracted to the lights. I know it can seem creepy to find a frog at your door night after night, but rest assured he is not there for you and when you turn of the light he will leave because the all night buffet will have closed down. If you’re not frightened you can pick him up your self, put him in a jar, and move him/them manually to a nearby pond or frog friendly neighbors house.

Natural Chemicals

Citrus, vinegar, and salt water will not kill the frogs but will sting them enough that they will be repelled from the area you spray. The best part is that you will not be hurting the environment when you get rid of the tree frogs! These things are probably already in your pantry right now so they budget friendly as well! Just re-spray the area every few days until the habit is broken.

Remove Their Homes

Piles of logs, trash, potted plants, any thing in your yard a frog can fit in and find cool shade and moist air during the day can become his habitat. Discover where your frogs live during the day and get someone to relocate them (neighbor hood children would likely be keen on the task). Then get rid of the housing and any other frog friendly spots.

Frogs can be a great nuisance if they frighten someone or make them uncomfortable. Getting rid of frogs is not very complex and can be done in a way that keeps your slate clean with mother nature. Who knows maybe while kicking them out you will learn enough about them to want to invite them back in! In that case turn on the porch light and they will know they are welcome! I wonder if that is who Motel 8 is talking to when they say “We’ll leave a light on for ya.” ?


  1. Just in case the citrus and salt won’t get rid of the little noisy beasts what would be the next step?
    Tired and sleepy!

  2. They are in the maple tree right next to our deck. Only come after dark. Have no water or ponds in yard other than a bird bath, keep it clean and have not noticed anything in it. Tried a high pressure water hose and sprayed up in tree to no avail.

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