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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

Have you ever had unwanted guests in your home and you did not know how to get rid of them? Here are some tips on how to get rid of unwanted house guests from your home:

Whatever You Do…Don’t Be Rude

The first tip is to not get mad or be rude towards your house guests; just subtly mention that you have a busy work week or schedule coming up and that you need to go to bed early. Most people will get the hint and understand that they have overstayed their welcome. You will be surprised at how receptive people are; so being patient can have its rewards.

Start Tidying Up

The second tip is to begin cleaning up the food and dirty dishes that are around; this will show your house guests that the night is winding down.

Time is on Your Side

The third tip is to mention how late it is getting; you should mention that your house guests better get going because it is dark out and the commute is dangerous late at night. Many people do not like driving late at night because they can become tired and veer off the road. You can show concern for their safety while also attempting to get them to leave your home; so it is a win-win situation.

Mention Other Plans

The fourth tip is to say that you have family coming to stay with you if you have house guests that have been staying for you for an extended period of time.

Be Direct with Your Guests

The fifth tip is to just be very direct and explain the situation to your house guests. It is your home and if you want people to leave your home then you need to make your wishes known. You should not be mean or disrespectful because that would be ill mannered of you. Just explain that you want some alone time with your family and that you enjoyed their stay but you just need some space. Being very direct while being respectful at the same time will allow you to get faster results.

Having people either live in your home or visit your home can be a very overwhelming experience because most people value their privacy. If you are going to entertain for dinner it is best to send out an invitation and outline the time that it will start and end. If you have house guests that are staying with you then make sure that their stay is not an extended period of time. This way everyone is on the same page and you will feel better about the situation and not have to get rid of unwanted house guests.

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