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How to Get Rid of Wall Mold

black wall moldDoes your home have a sour smell? Is wall mold a serious problem to you and your home? Many people are faced with this issue, and often time’s individuals are unable to sell their homes because of wall mold. Mold can also cause serious health related issues in infants and young children, as well as the elderly people. If you continue to let the mildew and mold grow, it will start bring about a colony of mold spores, giving you a bigger headache and making the mold even more difficult to get rid of.

The first thing you need is knowledge about mold. Mold only grows in certain conditions. Just like mushrooms, mold needs to be in a damp, humid area that is of a certain temperature, this temperature is typically between 75 and 95 degrees.

The Temperature and Humidity

As stated, the temperature and humidity levels are important parts of the molds environment, and they’re what helps it to grow effectively. So the first thing an individual trying to rid themselves of mold needs to do is bring circulation to the room that has the mold growing in it. You have three things you can use to help remedy this problem. The first is that you can start circulation by using a fan, the bigger the better. If you don’t have a fan available you can run a humidifier in the room. The humidifier will help lower the humidity level in the room, which will help prevent mold growth. If neither of those two things are options for you, you can use an air conditioner. The air conditioner will help lower the temperature in the room, which like the humidifier will help prevent mold growth.

The Problem

The next step you need to take to remove mold is to find what is causing the mold, most of the times it will be some type of leak, whether it be a pipe leaking, a hole in the wall allowing rainwater to get in, or maybe even a hole in the roof. Once you find the problem, you will need to fix it so that no more moisture can enter the area.

Wash the Wall

After you have hampered the mold growth, and fixed the issue that was causing the moisture for the mold to grow. You thoroughly need to clean the wall, removing every bit of mold on the wall. It’s recommended that you use a strong thistle scrubbing brush and hot sudsy water, either with bleach mixed in or Trisodium phosphate.

Let it Dry

After you have removed all of the mold by thoroughly cleaning the wall. You need to let the wall dry completely. Taking all the precautions you can to not leave any moisture, so that mold can’t grow again.



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