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How to Get Rid of Wandering Dew

Get rid of Wandering Dew? Some people plant it! Some keep it in containers, which is a very smart thing to do, because Wandering Dew (also called Wandering Willy and Wandering Jew among other things) spreads quickly, shading out other plants and can take over an entire garden, yard or field. Plan on taking a full year to get rid of Wandering Dew, no matter what you do. There are three basic ways of attacking it:

Pull It Out

While it is difficult to get rid of quickly by weeding it by hand, that can work over a period of time. In a small garden setting, this may be the most practical tactic. If you keep pulling each stalk or leaf as it comes to surface, the root will eventually give up and die.
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Once the plant is pulled, leave it on a cement or wooden surface until it shrivels up, or put it in a plastic bag and put it in the trash. If left on the ground, it may very well re-root itself and continue merrily growing. Do NOT add the plants to a compost pile.

Roundup or other Commercial Poisons

What you’ll need is glyphosate spray. Roundup is the most familiar brand name of this, but Zero is the same thing, just a different strength. Instead of spraying, which can damage nearby plantings, try brushing it on individual leaves with a paint brush. You won’t have to paint every leaf, but at least one for each plant you can see. The poison will be taken to the root.

This has been proven effective, but again, you won’t get rid of Wandering Dew in one or two-or even three-applications. Adding a couple of drops of liquid dish detergent will help the poison penetrate the surface of the leaves.

Homemade Remedies

Pouring, spraying or painting diesel fuel on will help get rid of Wandering Dew, but diesel can cause problems with the soil for a very long time. Boiling salt water and boiling high acid vinegar can be used with the same caution, although probably not as severe. For the best results, combine non-poison solutions with hand weeding.

You can either weed, then spray or pour the solution, or spray, pour or paint the solution, wait a day or two, then weed what hasn’t died. Repeating this process throughout the growing season will eventually get rid of Wandering Dew.

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  1. can u put wandering dew in a container of water and let disolve and then use the water to water the garden

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