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How to Get Rid of Weebles

Remove all food infected with the black bugs, and toss it away. Remember to check the dog food, cat food, and dry pet treats and biscuits. Disinfect all your cupboards, pantry, and cabinets with a solution of bleach and hot water. Clean the cracks and corners of your cabinets well, and do not forget to check and clean the upper corners of the shelves. Place all your dry flours, grains, corn meal, pet food, noodles, etc., in ziplock bags or air tight plastic or glass containers. You can also store your dry food items in the refrigerator instead of the pantry. Make sure there are no left over grains of dry food product hiding on the shelves of your pantry – vacuum if necessary.

Other Remedies To Prevent Weeble or Weevils

I have had great success with dry bay leaves, and I live in Florida where these tiny bugs thrive. Place a dry bay leaf in each of the cabinets which stores dry food items like flour. You may need to place several approximately twelve inches apart. I have been doing this now for 8 years, and no bugs…knock on wood!

Another remedy is placing spearmint gum in your cupboards. Open up the chewing gum and again place several pieces in each of the cupboards which stores your dry grains and food items.

Make a Trip to the Hardware Store

Check out your local hardware store and buy Pantry Pest Strips. These sticky strips attract the little bitty bugs, and they will eventually die.

Freeze Them

After purchasing your grains and flours, freeze them in your freezer for three days to one week before transferring into plastic bags or air tight containers.

Cook Them

Weebles or meal worms have actually been found not to carry any diseases or cause health concerns. When you use the dry grains or flours, they will be cooked when you prepare your meals and pose no threat. There is an old southern saying….”a little extra meat with your meal.”

To Avoid Weebles or Weevils

  • Start with a clean and disinfected pantry.
  • After purchasing your flour or other dry food, place it in the freezer for three days to one week.
  • Take dry food (flour, sugar, grains, cornmeal, etc.) out of the paper bags when you buy them, and put in either ziplock plastic bags, air tight plastic containers, or air tight glass containers.
  • Do not purchase any dry food bags which are opened or crushed.


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