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How to Get Rid of Weeds

summer green weedsNothing can ruin a beautiful garden or lawn like a handful of weeds and this is exactly why seasoned gardeners hate these unwanted plants, which reproduce and multiply aggressively. Weeds can bring to the fore many problems in a controlled setting – they are unsightly, and they can take the sheen off the other plants present in the spot. They suck up nutrients from the soil too, and some of them can cause skin irritation.

Moreover, if you like taking an occasional stroll down your garden or lawn without having to worry about thorns or prickles – you need to watch out for weeds and remove them constantly.

Before you start off on getting rid of weeds – there are warm season and cool seasons types that you need to consider. True to their name, the warm season ones flourish during spring and summer, while the cool season ones crop up during late fall and winter.

There are a few measures that you can try to remove the weeds from your lawn for good, and these have been given below.

Weeding by Hand

You’ll need to get down and dirty in this method, because it involves a lot of effort, but as far as effectiveness goes – this method ranks near the top.

Under weeding, you’ll need to manually identify pull the weeds out from the soil. You have to pull them out entirely because in some cases, roots can grow again and the problem will persist. The best way to go about weeding would be by using a shovel or trowel, because deep rooted weeds can otherwise be quite hard to remove.

To make the weeding process easier, you can either make the soil around the weed’s roots loose, or you can soak the ground fully and then remove the unwanted plant. Hot water is very effective in this regard, so you better fill your kettle up before you go weeding.

Mow Your Lawn, Time And Again

Picking out weeds in a dense and unkempt garden can be a nightmare, so you should now your garden or lawn regularly so that any unwanted growth is strikingly visible. Mowing your outside space regularly will help you spot out the weeds faster, so that you can remove them before they start producing seeds. You can prevent sunlight from reaching these unwanted plants by mowing your lawn to a higher mowing range too.

Try Using Herbicides

There are many herbicides that you can try using, as these can help in killing weeds, albeit in a chemical way. Herbicides are easy to use and they are available in liquid form. All you need to do is pick up the hose and spray some herbicide on the spots where weeds are most prevalent in your garden or lawn.

Before you opt for such chemical measures, you should ensure that the herbicides you use aren’t capable of harming the grass in any way. Herbicides should be handled carefully as well, as they are mostly toxic and can affect your health.
These three methods can help you control the growth of weeds in your garden, although you can opt for other alternatives like reseeding, aerating and fertilizing your lawn or garden.

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