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How to Get Rid of Welts

Welts of any kind are not a fun thing to experience, but thankfully there are many ways- including natural remedies- to get rid of these nasty buggers! Welts are actually fluid buildups beneath the skin, so taking care of them will take time. Now, getting rid of welts entirely can depend on the cause, including: hives, allergies, mosquito bites, poison ivy, flea bites, eczema, and some physical assaults, among other things. The worst thing you can do is scratch- although they will itch, sting and drive you simply crazy!
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Some remedies to get rid of welts are simply in your home already. If you have any Vicks Vapor Rub handy, look into lightly rubbing some of this on your welts! Vicks Vapor Rub include essential oils like camphor and eucalyptus, which act as a band aid on your welts and prevent them from getting extra air or spreading allergens. For more severe cases, do not try this remedy- it will cause minor stinging and temporary burning.

For something that is a little harder to get rid of, simply look for some vinegar. Preferably apple cider vinegar, mix 1/4th of a quart with two quarts of water. Use this several times a day to bath the skin. If you do a bit more research on natural home remedies, you may find several other things that compliment your skin just as well, if not better.

Now, less severe cases of hives or welts are likely to go away on their own with time. If the welts, or hives do not go away within a few days, you may benefit from visiting your doctor or dermatologist. Sometimes there is an underlying cause that may be related to an infection or something more severe. Some basic advice a doctor may firstly give you is to use ice to reduce swelling and temporarily relieve any itching or burning. Attempt to stay away from very hot showers or tight fitting clothing that may re-irritate your welts. If you are looking for an OTC treatments, try looking into antihistamines. Generally, welts will disappear on their own and are harmless. The exact cause cannot always be determined. If self-care measures don’t help, check with your doctor- especially if shortness of breath, fainting, or tightness of the throat occur. Since it takes time to get rid of them entirely, aim to get rid of the symptoms at first.

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  1. I have suffered hives and have tried many prescriptions over the years. Im a huge fan of natural rememdies and there are a few great options out there for treatment of symptoms like Leopard’s Bane, Hepar and Ichthyolum.

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