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How to Get Rid of Worms

intestinal worm close upDo you feel hungry all the time irrespective of how much you have eaten? If so, it’s possible that you have some worms in your stomach. These worms feed on the food you eat and cause you a lot of bodily harm. Other symptoms include dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, weight loss and passing of worms in your stool. Sometimes even skin rashes may be triggered due to these worms.

Intestinal Worms

The chances of intestinal worms being present in kids are higher as their immune system is not as strong as adults. They also do not practice the hygiene that adults do. Also, consider your own health habits. Have you ever had your colon cleansed? If not, this could be the reason you’ve got worms. Getting a colon cleanse is a safe and effective way to get rid of worms.

Intestinal worms are mainly of two types – helminthes and protozoa. The former are multi-celled while the latter are single celled organisms. Tapeworms and ringworms are examples of helminthes.

The chances of having worms in your intestines are high if the level of hygiene and sanitation maintained is low, if the quality of water you drink is poor or if you have recently traveled abroad. The possibility of you harboring these parasites is compounded if you have been to a location where majority of the people suffer from intestinal worms.

Get Rid of Intestinal Worms

Here are certain things you can do to rid yourself of the menace of intestinal worms.

1. Make an appointment with your doctor. Many are so embarrassed and ashamed to accept that they have worms that they refuse to take the condition seriously and go see their doctor. What you should realize is that worms are very common. We are always exposed to them so the chance of finding them in our bodies is quite high, if we do not maintain proper hygiene.

The test the doctor is most likely to do is a stool test where he can identify the type of worm in the body to determine the medication that should be administered.

2. Once the doctor prescribes antibiotics, be sure to take them regularly till your condition has improved and the worms are no longer to be found in your body. Also follow the right dosage for the right amount of time. Any complacence on your part and the medicines won’t work.

3. Supplementing the antibiotics, it is important that you eat a good balanced diet that is rich in fiber. Avoid all simple carbohydrates that are usually found in refined foods, fruits, juices, sugars and diary products. Eat lots of carrots, beets, garlic and pomegranates as they contain anti-worm properties.

4. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Always wash your hands well before every meal. Keep your body clean and maintain a high level of sanitation.

5. Pumpkin seed oil has no side effects at all when it comes to getting rid of worms. There are no restrictions on their administration either. Though this remedy takes time to get rid of all the worms the effects of taking the medicine are immediate.

6. Avoid fried foods, diary products and fruits during the duration of you treatment. They are the easiest food for the worms to gorge on.

7. Maintain good bowel habits during treatment.

Natural Home Remedies for Worms

Alternative and complimentary therapies also exist to rid the body of worms. The alternative therapies are more often to support conventional medical treatments.

Homeopaths also diagnose and prescribe remedies depending on the person’s constitutional type. Alternative treatments like acupuncture and massaging, aid in improving bowel health and ridding the body of worms. Massage especially helps by stimulating bowel movements.

The seriousness and length of the ailment depends on the particular intestinal parasite. Older people and pregnant women are at higher risk when their bodies host intestinal parasites.

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