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How to Get Rid of Yard Ants

Getting rid of ants produces a host of conflicting feelings only in those people who have not had the unfortunate experience of walking barefoot in their yard and stepping on a red ant hill that you had never seen before. Such experience and the brazen behavior of black ants making mounds of your yard resembling miniature sand dunes, gives you no alternative but to attack and save yourself from these unwanted pests.
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The first way to get rid of yard ants is the quickest. You need to boil water and add a cup full of chlorine bleach. Pour the mixture directly on top of the ant hills. The pests will swarm but they won’t live long enough to make a new ant hill. The hot water alone works to get rid of the ant hill, but some of these ants are resistant to even the hottest of water.

A Second way to get rid of yard ants is to use a can of aerosol ant killer. But to spray the top of the ant hill and suppose that it will dribble into the entire ant hill is not logical. First spray the top of the ant hill. If some ants come out they will have to be sprayed again. When you think that they have all had a shot of aerosol ant killer, take a garden hose and hose the ant hill away. If more ants appear, you have got an infestation. Spray them again. If new ant hills appear, keep repeating the process until you have gotten to the colonies queen. When there are no more ant hills in your yard, you can quit the aerosol ant killer and water hose treatment.

A third way to get rid of ants is to hire a professional lawn spraying service and to ask for ant treatment. One of these treatments will rid your yard of ants, but be sure to keep your pets off of the grass for a day or two.

If you are allergic to red ant stings always check your yard before stepping out barefoot. Those pesky black ants might cause more damage to your grass than the red ants, but the red ants are more virulent and far more difficult to get rid of. Ants have been around longer than most other species on earth and they have found ways of surviving that can astound the most ardent of back yard ant killer, but you can hold them at bay for as long as you want to enjoy your yard.

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