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How to Get Rid of Yard Waste

fallen leaves yard wasteWhenever fall starts sneaking up on us again, it seems my neighbors have catch a case of “fall fever”. Everyday there is the smell of leaves burning and friendly waves as they burn off the fever with yard work. However, are burning the leaves in the fall the best way to get rid of them? Is throwing away your tree trimmings and grass clippings in the spring and summer to take up space in a landfill the best option? If you do not think so I will give you three alternatives to getting rid of your yard waste.


A compost pile is a great way to get rid of yard waste even in suburban yards. All you need is a small stretch of fence wrapped into a circle about three feet in diameter. Set it in a corner of your yard and throw your grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps into it. Even if you do not garden the compost will feed your grass and you can us it to mulch around your trees. If the idea of composting it yourself is a bit too much then put an ad in the paper or Craigslist stating that you have free materials for composting I know many people who would love free compost materials for their garden.

City Recycling Programs

Many cities have recycling programs to dispose of yard waste in a responsible manner. Find out if your city has a yard waster disposal day by checking on the county website, or visiting town hall. If they do have a program leave your waste out on the designated day and in the proper containers and rest assured that your yard waste will be put to good use.

Hiring a Yard Waste Disposal Company

Last and in my opinion, least, you can hire a company to take away your yard waste. You are paying someone to get rid of vitamins and minerals from your yard though. If you choose to hire a company to take it off your hands google “yard waste removal” and you will discover a nationwide company that will get rid of any junk from your yard including yard waste for a fee. They claim to recycle as much as they can so it is better than shoving it in trash bags and leaving it for the dump truck.

Fall fever, spring-cleaning and summer mowing can leave you with an overwhelming amount of yard waste but do not let yourself get overwhelmed. Choose from any of these options for disposal and enjoy your freshly manicured yard as the seasons change.

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