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How to Get Rid of Your Boss

angry bossBosses come in a variety of types. But, broadly there are two types – the good ones and the bad ones. In this article here we are going to concentrate on the bad kinds and how one can be rid of them, thereby making our life easier and less traumatizing and stressful Bad bosses may be tyrants, micro-managers, take credit for your work, and be too egoistical or just so dumb that it makes you wonder how they got their job in the first place! Some bosses are so mean that to them, their employees are mere scapegoats that can be used to cover their mistakes. It’s a bad, bad world folks. Don’t worry, as an employee, here are some options that you can try so that you are free from your boss.

Offer Constructive Criticism

Some bosses, in spite of being bad, will still listen to reason. If you give them the proper criticism with sufficient proof and suggestions, they might realize their flaws and probably, in time, mend their ways. That is because they realize that the office needs a healthy working environment and satisfied employees who are highly productive so that company profits rise.

So the first thing to do is to set an up appointment with the boss. When you go in for the appointment be well prepared, as few people will take criticism lightly unless you can properly present the facts. Also, be courteous to your boss. A little courtesy goes a long way. It puts your boss in a good mood so that he listens to the complaints and suggestions that you have.

File a Formal Complaint

There are bosses who just won’t listen to reason. Though they do not fear their employees, they are definitely afraid of their bosses. A formal complaint goes a long way in dealing with such types of bosses. The more the number of complaints, the lower the chance of the boss getting promoted further. So, bosses always try not to get formal complaints lodged against them. If you decide to file a formal complaint, they should be addressed to the HR department. As far as possible, try not to do something that’s not in the rulebook when filing a formal complaint.

Expose Your Boss

If the first two steps fail, then its time to do some damage. Mass media plays a vital role in the dissemination of information. Its time you used this faculty to let everyone know about your boss. Every newspaper has a reader’s section wherein the readers vent their anger or express their grievances. So it’s about time you fired off a few articles to the popular newspapers in your area. Should your article be printed, your boss’s days are numbered, as no company needs bad publicity. However, you need to ensure that all the information you present is factual because otherwise your boss has the right to sue you for presenting false information.

Use the Internet

If you prefer being anonymous then you can always use the Internet to set up a blog. Report all the atrocities your boss commits on his co-workers, the hardships he makes them go through and the way he treats them. Create as much publicity for your blog as possible so that more and more people read it. When the shareholders come to know of the bad publicity that your boss has been getting the company, they will have no option but to fire him.

Spreading Rumors

A simple way to be rid of your boss is to spread rumors about him. Make up some stories that will embarrass him, the nastier the better. These rumors will cause your boss to face up and he will also lose the respect of his employees. Once the management takes note of this they will probably try to suppress it, transfer him somewhere else or else fire him.

Try not be intimidated by your boss. After all, you’re both employees of the same company and not so different from each other.


  1. hey,
    i have a gay boss. so vEry hard to get rid of, too kind and really annoying. how?!

  2. I have a manager that has been trying to get rid of me for a while already and she has failed in doing so, she has accused me of stealing from the company, she has spread false rummors about me she has changed my scheduled hours from morning to mid-day to graveyard and all without consulting me when my job title and duties are for the morning shift, she has taken away from me hours and has given them to other employees, she has tried to get me to make enemies with other co-workers. I have complained to Human resources and nothing has been done, i have talked to other managers and they turn the other way, i have also talked with general managers and nothing, this lady has had so many complaints against her that it´s not even funny and she still is working with us but if it was me or another employee, we would be written up with a recomendation for dismisal. What can i do? who can i turn to, what rights do i have, no mater who we complain to, theres always retaliation. Please help!!!!

  3. Im in the same situation you are if you have a union i would file a compliant if that dosent work send an e mail to the president of the company and if that dosent work wright a letter to the labor board.

  4. I work as a high end automobile dealership as a car salesperson. I too am being harassed from my boss. when he drinks alcohol while he works he makes mistakes and trys to cover it. He is a younger clever man, that is greedy and has his peeps that he caters to make deals. He writes little notes on our list of salespeople that is next in line to meet our guest and mimics me the way I speak. I wish he wasn’t my boss because he be littles me in front of our associates. I have a smart phone and recorded him with a beer on his hand while on shift and haven’t told anybody. I’m thinking of documenting this to protect myself in case I need. Should I contact the upper manager?

  5. Lee – You’ve got the right idea. You’re starting what we call a paper trail by collecting evidence that works in your favor, should there be a confrontation. It sounds like your boss is the kind that won’t listen to reason, so it’s time to go over his head. If you work for a large corporate dealership, you can turn to your HR department to file a formal complaint. Make sure you have as much documentation as possible, and even start to ask around to see if other employees feel the same way. If others back up your story, it becomes that much more credible. Good luck, I hope you take care of the situation soon – I know what it’s like!

  6. Hi,

    What if your boss is the son of the CEO and CEO is one of the owners of the company, say it is a family company. How can you get rid of this kind of young presumptuous man under guard of higher bosses?

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