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How to Get Rid of Your Husband

If your husband has been forgetting your birthday and giving so much as a yawn on Valentines Day, you have a lot of reconsideration to do. If he doesn’t care about you and show’s no regret in not being able to do so, you need to look at him again and make up your mind. There are many ways to get rid of your husband. However just try some of these steps and you should be rid of him in no time.

1. Be loud and ill mannered. That means you pretend not to be a lady when your husband is around. Forget being polite with him. Swear as much as you want when speaking to him. What’s the point of etiquette when you don’t care about your husband anymore?? No point in being nice or kind to him. Never say “Thank you” irrespective of which mountain he scales for you.

2. Keep fighting. Nothing ruins a good marriage like fighting. Keep having infinite arguments with your husband for the most inconsequential of reasons. Keep nagging him. No matter whose fault something is, always act as if you are right and your husband has committed some unforgivable sin. Do not respect his relatives. Keep arguing with his siblings and fighting with his parents.

Now that you don’t care about him, little does it matter what he thinks. There is no need for you to try and understand him. If he has some problems don’t offer to help him out. Let him take care of it himself.

Better still; try shoving your problems on him so that he can have your problems to solve too.

3. Don’t spend time with family. Party all the time and come home when ever you want to. Don’t spend time with your husband. Take a vacation, but go alone. Don’t ask your husband to join you. Ignore him completely. Ditch all your household work like taking out the trash, the laundry or cooking.

4. Avoid sex. Immaterial of what your husband says, deny him sex. If you do end up having sex then scream out the name of some old flame of yours all the time. That ought to put him down. Or keep complaining how unsatisfying it is to sleep with him and that you will be looking for some help outside to satisfy yourself.

5. Ditch personal hygiene. Forget about grooming yourself when you are with him. Stop wearing clean clothes when you go out with him. No showers before getting into bed. Never make an effort to look good when you are with him. You can be clumsy, but make sure he knows you don’t care what he thinks about your looks or dressing.

6. Make him jealous. No man likes to feel insecure. So make him feel that he is insecure. Ask your friends to set you up on dates. Flirt with every guy you come across when you are with him. Send text messages to other men and “conveniently” leave the cell phone around so your husband can read them. Take photographs with other men and display them in your room.

7. Invite your mom over. No husband likes spending all his time at home with his wife’s mom. So call mom up and let her to live at your place for a while (read till your husband leaves.) Make your mom speak to him about your marriage and how it is. Spend more time with your mom than you do with your husband. Move in to the same room your mom sleeps in.

These steps are sure to make your husband file for divorce and send him far away from your life. It is very important to exercise some level of responsibility and maturity while dealing with someone so close. They could be really hurt, and this could drive them to do bad things. Make sure you don’t over do the torture; there are people who may harm themselves or their partners out of frustration or in a fit of rage. Consider your children and don’t let your antics make them hate you. The best thing to do would be to talk it on the dinner table. If you really know what your husband is like, you should be able to get rid of him in a way that would hurt him the least.

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  1. So my husband is in Germany serving our country and I’m supposed to be going over there in 6 days but I really want a divorce because I’m sick of his ways and I’m falling out of love with him. …I asked him if he was going to be home this weekend and he said yes and I found out he lied to me and he told me not to spend any money that we need to save because of this car he wants well I went on our bank account and he spend 129 on and then 14 bucks somewhere else that I have no idea where but anyway he keeps lying to me and deceiving me and I’m sick of it. I can’t get rid of him for one because he’s my only source of income and his mother would come after me and my friends would frown upon me because he puts on such an innocent act that they believe him instead of me and I’m sick of it what do I do?

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