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How to Get Rid of Your Old TV’s

old television tv setTV companies are manufacturing newer and newer models of TVs that are getting better with every passing year. Chances are you replace your TV sets once in every few years. But getting rid of you old TV is not as easy as throwing it in the dumpster. It is illegal to throw electronic items into thrash and also not considered eco-friendly. Knowing how to get rid of your old TV properly will not only save you a lot of trouble but will also help in protecting the environment. Old TV sets contain cathode ray tubes that have lead as one of the constituents. Apart from this, most TV sets also consist of elements like cadmium, silver, mercury and barium that can be extremely toxic. So it is important to get rid of your old TV sets the right way.

Ways to get rid of your TV sets

There are several different ways in which you can get rid of your old TV sets safely rather than hiding them in your garage or attic. You can choose whatever method works best for you. These methods include:

1. Recycling programs.
2. Reuse centers.
3. Exchange programs.
4. Virtual exchange programs.
5. Re-manufacturing programs.

Recycling programs

Most corporations and local municipalities run electronic goods recycling programs. They have various centers where you can drop off the TV sets. The TVs are then recycled and reused. Some cities even have annual hazardous waste collection programs. If you can afford to wait, then it is one of the easiest ways to get your old TV off your back.

Reuse centers

These centers have been established to take in old and unwanted yet usable items. These items are then given away for charity or sold off in a sale. If your old TV set is still in working condition, this is the best way to get rid of it. Some popular reuse centers include Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity ReStores and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Exchange programs

Some of the bigger stores have exchange programs where they take your old TVs in exchange for new one. Some stores even pay a small amount for your old TVs. Thus you not only get rid of your old sets responsibly but can also earn some money or get a discount on your new TV set!

Virtual exchange centers

Certain websites offer exchange services where you could list your old items including your TV sets. You can list them to be free or charge a nominal fee. If a buyer is looking for your TV set, he or she can pick it up after paying the fee. The exchange of items will be facilitated by the staff employed by the exchange centers. CalMax and NY WasteMatch are two popular companies offering virtual exchange services to people.

Re-manufacturing programs

Some companies buy old TV sets and repair or re-manufacture some parts of the sets like the cathode ray tubes (CRT). However one should be careful while disposing old items to re-manufacturing companies. If the re-manufactured goods such as a new TV set from your old CRT are sold under a new and different name, it is considered legal. Even if it is resold under its original name it is legal. If however it is resold with warranties or rebates under the original name, it is considered to be illegal.

If you choose to follow one of the steps listed above you will be fulfilling your role as a responsible citizen and may also earn some money in the process. You can get rid of the waste in your garage and do it without harming the environment.

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