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How to Get Rid of Your Wife

At the altar though both of you said, “In sickness or in health till death do us part,” over time you find your marriage going nowhere. You feel that your wife has changed a lot since the time you were dating and not all for the better. So you decide the time has come to move on. But then getting rid your wife is not that easy. However just try some of these steps and you should be rid of her in no time.

Firstly, try being honest with her. This should most probably work. Tell her that the relationship is not working out the way you had planned and that it is better if you both split apart and move on. Hopefully, she will understand and leave you.

If reasoning with her doesn’t work out the next steps will.

Don’t bother being nice to her. Forget exchanging any pleasantries, not even a “Thank you” or a “Hi” or “Good morning.” Act as though you have no time to spare for her. Make sure she thinks you are very busy and have no room for her in your life.

Never make her feel good when she is with you. Make sure she has the most horrible time in your company. Be the worst lover that you can possibly be. Forget important dates like her birthday, your anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Do not reciprocate any love she shows to you. Do not be considerate to her feelings. If she is over-weight never miss an opportunity to point it out to her. Memorize some fat person jokes and use them all the time.

Another way to end a relationship is to end all the sex you have with her. Keep making excuses whenever she hints towards sex. If she is conservative in her views on sex, ask her to try out some new and outrageous acts in bed that makes her feel real stupid. More importantly make sure you mention bigger and better things that other women have done to you. Sex is vital in keeping a relationship alive, and the minute sex is off the record, your divorce papers will be right on their way!

These are some simple methods to make sure your wife develops a poor impression of you and files for a divorce. Some of the simplest ways to make a woman hate you is to inject jealousy in her heart.

Women around the world are known to be possessive, and this is one characteristic that has grown along with them immaterial of the size or worth of the possession. So if you have to actually make her feel terrible, all you have to do is bring a woman home in the name of your colleague and give her royal treatment. Completely ignore your wife and give the other lady a lot of attention, care and respect.

Treat the lady with such tender care and warmth while regularly showering insults and cleverly packaged potshots at your wife. Once the heat and anger settles in, keep kindling it by doing simple things like sitting next to the other lady, asking your wife to bring tea and snacks and such. Basically make the women feel lowly and downtrodden such that she gets the impact of the incident. She should understand that what she has married into in the name of a husband is actually just a cheapskate person who does not care a wee bit for her.

Eventually she will understand that she has not been cared for and leave you right away. You need to understand that the techniques mentioned here after the first ones are not meant to make you feel good. It is not even necessary that you need to make her feel bad. You can make her hate you and she will eventually be glad to leave, thus making the whole process easier. If you have a wife who you know will go through all your bad behavior aimed at getting rid of her, then its best to just tell her straight and spare her the horror.


  1. I´ve tried al of those techniques and none of them have worked in my particular case. I was honest with her told her that we would be better off by ourselves, that this was not working out. That I´d prefer to suffer a little time that her a whole life time. Treated her like crap. I´ve even tried using her family history and nothing works.

    What else can I do.

    • getting married is the worst possible thing a man could ever do..

      you can have kids and a relatioship,,,,,,,,,but never say i do



      • Agreed, have a friend who got rid of wife 1 to marry wife 2 “for the kids sake”–and damn is he miserable
        AND laid up with a hernia right now. I’ve loved him nearly 35 years, but does he ever turn to me for help?? NO!!! VERY FRUSTRATING

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